Opening The Gate of Vitality: Your Questions Answered

I’ve received a lot of questions over the past week about my upcoming class called the Gate of Vitality.

I realized in the process of putting things together that I did not really explain things as clearly as I could have. Sometimes its easy to get caught up in the creative flow and then over look certain details.

Well for that oversight I do apologize and I want to take a few minutes to clarify and answer the questions that I’ve been getting.

Why am I teaching this class?

Because I have a deep passion for Chinese Medicine, I like teaching, and I want to help. If we want to change the world on a large scale, then we need to start with ourselves. Sure, we can blame others for things but often that just wastes time and energy. Its often more constructive to look inward and tend to our personal gardens first. In this way we are able to create change and transformation in the world with OUT effort or contrivance. Simply our presence and who we are is enough to initiate the process. In this way we can naturally attract the opportunities and experiences that we need. We can do this while having a sense of ease about being in the right place at the right time.

On a smaller scale it means getting in touch with who and what we really are. In the roots of Chinese Medicine, this IS what HEALTH is REALLY all about. Health is about being your authentic self or embodying your Original Chi or Original Will. Ultimately this is the aim of Taoist practices, whether that is tonic herbalism, chi gong, or meditation. Thus, the more fully we can allow this Original Chi, the more health and vitality we will naturally and effortlessly have.

This is fundamentally what this class is and what it is all about. This is where my health journey has led me to from the past 15 years of inquiry. I believe this is the real Root of Health and Vitality and that this is the most efficient and effective use of our time and resources.

The way we do this is by identifying the things that get in the way of this Original Chi and then allow them to be removed. In this way we can allow the natural intelligence, health, and vitality that we all have to flow more easily and naturally.

This information and its practices have truly transformed my life, energy, and health in ways that I couldn’t have really imagined. So it is from this place that I genuinely want to share, help, and inspire others to open the door.

This quote sums it up pretty well:

When the spirit of the Heart can be emptied of extraneous worldly influence, it is free to perceive that secret path within that grants the power to resonate inner potential. When one is capable of placing themselves in resonance with the universe, their actions are effortless and spontaneous.”

How will the class work?

Each class will be posted on the first Monday of each week at 8 PM Est. The material will be audio, video, and PDF. That way each of us can choose to learn in our preferred way. Personally, Im more of an audio learner, so I really like to listen. Others like to watch and other to read. With this combination we can each learn at our own pace and in our own way. Each module will also include some action steps that will allow you to more deeply understand and APPLY the information in the here and now.

What if I dont have time right now?

That’s really no problem as all of the course materials are downloadable. You can go through it at your own pace.

How do I get access to the class?

The class is being taught on Hyperion Academy only, therefore in order to access the class, you’ll want to become a member of the Academy. On top of accessing this class, you will receive all of the benefits the come along with membership on the site.

Where’s the sales pitch?

If I’m honest, I have never really felt the need to be salesy or manipulative in business. I simply trust that the right people will be attracted at the right time. Whoever resonates will take action and those who don’t, won’t. It can really be as simple as that.

If you are ready to reserve your place for the class, please use the link below:

Remember that registration closes at Midnight on Sunday evening. Once its closed, it wont be opened up again for a matter of months, at least.

This is because the first class will be posted on Monday at 8 PM EST and I want everyone to start off on the same page.

Talk soon,


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