Reishi Extract Health Benefits

Tagged as the ‘mushroom of immortality’ and ‘medicine of kings’ Reishi mushroom of ancient China had been identified to have significant number of health benefits to humans. This fungus had the ability to boost immune system, calm the nerves, relieve inflammation and allergies, fight cancer and treat heart diseases.

Eastern Medical Science explained that the body needs to defend itself from threats of disease. These threats come in different forms. In physical form through viruses and bacteria, emotional threats that leads to anxiety and energetic that reduces alertness. Regardless of the threats, Reishi keeps the body’s defense on its optimum level and helps maintain its balance.

It should be noted that when the body submits to any of these threats, it is under an imbalanced state. This is the reason why this wonder mushroom helps the human body against diverse ailments that destroys the natural state of the body.

Among the top illnesses that the reishi mushroom cures includes immune system disorders like AIDS, cancer, cardiovascular disease, heart diseases, removal of cholesterol, reduction of platelet stickiness, low blood pressure, infectious diseases and various allergies. The mushroom is also said to calm the mind and improve the person’s memory, focus and concentration.

Reishi’s main component is the polysaccharides called the Beta Glucans. It helps in increasing the DNA and RNA of the human bone marrow wherein the immune cells like the lymphocytes are produced. These are the cells that can be found in the blood, lymphoid tissues (contains the white blood cells) and lymph. In addition, polysaccharide increases the activities of the macrophages that fight cancerous cells and harmful microorganisms in the body. It also triggers the production of a white blood cell type that kills tumor cells and infectious microorganisms in the body.

The reishi mushroom has strong antioxidant properties that protect the body against free radicals and radiation. There are different kinds of reishi mushroom that can be found in China, North American, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Among the most preferred kind is the red reishi which is commonly used for medical purposes. It is not however the kind of mushroom that can be cooked and included in the salad. It has a strong bitter taste and is wood-like. But that don’t stop daring individuals from making tea and soups out of the mushroom.

Recently, pharmaceutical industries started selling reishi mushroom in extracts, capsules and tablet forms. Japanese researchers on the other hand recommend the use of Vitamin C in maximizing the effect of the mushroom.  The country even listed reishi as one of its recommended treatment for cancer.

Reishi has minimal side effects and medical practitioners recommend taking 100 to 1000 milligrams per day.

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