Schizandra: Beauty, Sex, Longevity

Important Points

Does having a healthy sex life manifest longevity?

Do both specific and broad facets of internal health facilitate physical beauty?

Is there an herb that can go above and beyond manifesting a healthier sex life, a healthier you and a happier reflection?

The answer is yes, yes, and a big, smiling, orgasmic (and organic) YES!

Schizandra has been utilized for centuries as a sex tonic, youth elixir and treasured aid in longevity.  The combination of traditional, time-tested usage in the East, and growing research on sex and health in the West, it is increasingly becoming apparent that Schizandra has quite a few qualities to get excited about.  A gift from the Earth to us, this herb unlocked gateways to all 5 tastes- sweet, sour, salty, pungent, and bitter, accessing all 5 elements and yin organs, to all 3 treasures- Jing, the essence of life, Qi, the life force, and Shen, the spirit, and to all 12 meridians, which are the directional pathways of qi.

So, basically, schizandra is the cake, baked the cake, has it and eats it too!

There is simply no other way to put it.

Naturally, being this awesome of an herb, taking schizandra creates a tremendous opportunity to improve not only your sex life but actually SEE physical changes for the better overtime, thus supplementing a happier, healthier and longer life.  In this article we will explore what it means for your health to have an active and satisfying sex life, as well as how schizandra has a hand in both improving it, as well as being used to enhance beauty.

Sexual Health and The Longevity Link

Sex is an important link to longevity, both energetically and, more recently through modern research, physically.  It has been suggested that a regular and satisfying sex life increases positive hormones and brainpower.  An orgasm produces the oxytocin hormone, which is a neuromodulator in the brain and has been directly correlated with longevity, and for prolonged release of this hormone, cuddling after sex can supplement this, just as a mother would hold a child immediately after birth, as it is oxytocin that is released when creating the initial mother-child bond.  Regular sex also releases endorphins, which help to combat stress, therefore embracing a happier and more relaxed demeanor, feeding into your longevity.  Sex also helps to increase circulation, metabolism, and cardiovascular health.  In Eastern approaches, such as Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine, they use sexual potency and vitality as an indicator and measure of the overall health of the system.  We can see that this makes sense because of the obvious link between hormonal health, stress levels, and sexual vitality.  This can be depicted through understanding that generally when a person’s health starts to decline or fall into a sub-optimal state, their sexual health is one of the first things to go.

The History of Schizandra

Schizandra has been used for almost four thousand years for a myriad of reasons.  First recorded in Shen Nong’s Pharmacopeia as an elite herb, there are many other documents throughout the years that support the use of Schizandra to promote youth and longevity.  It was most popular among emperors of China for supplemental sexual stamina, for they had many concubines.  It was also popular among the women of royalty, for its beauty-enhancing qualities were highly revered.  In the 16th century, officials of the Hezhong Territory sent large quantities of it to the emperor as a tribute.  It has also been pictured in ancient Chinese tales as a symbol of longevity and beauty, as well as a protectant from environmental harms.

This all sounds pretty groovy as is, but there’s more.

Schizandra has historical support, but what does it actually do?

By tonifying your kidney’s water qi, you are able to both astringe and build Jing, or essence, by taking schizandra over a period of time.  What does this mean in English?  This means increased sexual stamina, more energy, increased vaginal fluids, a stronger erection, prolonged endurance in men, heightened sensitivity in women, and an overall release of more of that oxytocin hormone we mentioned earlier.  Creating this energy generated through your kidney facilitates to a deeper lung capacity, helping you to get the most of all that inhaling and exhaling you’ll be doing.  This has more to do with beauty than you may have already suspected.  A stronger respiratory system helps to circulate both blood and oxygen throughout your being, thus reaching even the furthest of surfaces of your skin and hair.  Lung health can actually be seen through the quality of your skin, nails and hair.  When you send oxygen, blood and qi through your system, it helps to keep your skin and hair moisturized, youthful, and healthy.  Schizandra is also a powerful astringent, protecting your gorgeousness from harmful stressors, while also helping to get rid of the ones that already let themselves in.  Schizandra has been shown to have positive and visible effects on both beauty and sex when taken over a period of time.

Circulation of these energies is essential to the quality of your life, as both the circulation and quality are vital to longevity.  For the most definable and solidifying results, it has been said to take schizandra for one hundred days, however, being that schizandra is also a powerful adaptogen, immediate results will also be seen depending on your current level of homeostasis.

Health and Happiness In HD

The most profound beauty can be found in health and happiness.  Schizandra has tied all these principles together to create a care package of a lifetime- your life in HD.  It is possible to nurture your inner elements by taking schizandra, with gratifying results that can actually be seen in a newer, more radiant sex life and skin, both of which can send you down a longer, happier, stress-free path of longevity.

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