Self Soothe Bath Recipe

Due to the natural tendency for humans to become less active during the colder seasons, there can be an overwhelming sense of stagnation, not only on a biological but also an emotional level. I wanted to share 3 cool ideas you can include in your hygienic routine which will increase your quality of your life, your health, and boost your overall mental frame so that you can avoid physical and energetic stagnation.

Idea 1: One way to move the lymphatic system, and stimulate activity within your body is to utilize alternating water temperature extremes during a singular shower session. The skin as a primary tool of the bodies’ detoxification organs can be exercised by this practice. When the water is warm or hot the skin relaxes and opens its pores. When you turn on cold water it contracts pulling the pores closed. You can think of this as exercising the elasticity of your skin and keeping it tight and toned. It is important to turn the water to as heating as you can handle, step out of the stream while you adjust it back to cold, and then step back in when the water reaches its lowest temperature. Doing three (or more) full rounds of this in the shower will result in a clear, relaxed, lucid feeling, great for clearing the head and mind. Always end on cold. Although initially it may seem shocking to the body, once you become familiar with it, your body will react less severely and you will feel more at ease in the initial alternation. You can also experiment with entirely cold showers which has gotten continuously scientific attention for its health benefits. If you do not already regularly expose your body to cold, you may want to begin with less drastic temperature extremes to first accumulate your body to the new practice. This is also not recommended for those with high blood pressure.

According to primary research studies using healthy human participants, immersed in cold water (<15 degrees C), for 5 min durations or less,

“CWI (Cold Water Immersion) was associated with an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory minute volume and metabolism. Decreases in end tidal carbon dioxide partial pressure and a decrease in cerebral blood flow were also reported. There was evidence of increases in peripheral catecholamine concentration, oxidative stress, and a possible increase in free-radical-species formation.” (4)


Other studies illustrate that cold water immersion is known to boost immunity, increase tumor fighting cells within the body, reduce fatigue, and even affect the mind in relieving minor depressive symptoms and reducing physical pain! (1, 2, 3)

Idea 2: To prevent excessive dryness, I recommend using a shower filter which filters chlorine, only washing your armpits and groin with an oil based or animal fat based soap, and re-acidifying the skin with a small amount of coconut oil after getting out of the shower. You can do this by rubbing the oil on your scalp, joints, legs and arms.

Idea 3: Lastly, herbal baths are an excellent way to relax the mind and regenerate the spirit, especially if you don’t resonate with the alternating or cold showers. I wanted to leave you with one of my favorite herbal bath recipes, which is relaxing, healing and softening to the skin, as well as rejuvenating to the mind. Think of this as a fun way to create an inexpensive, private, spa-like atmosphere in your very home, and an opportunity to practice self love.


Hyperion Soothe Self Bath Recipe:




1handful of powdered or whole Chamomile (Very soothing to skin),


1 large handful of Calendula Flowers (Skin Toner, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent, antifungal, antiviral,)Drying_Calendula_Flowers1

1 large handful of Comfrey Leafs (incredible for toning the skin, healing cuts and scrapes. In addition it alleviates the pain of bruises and pulled or stiff muscles)


5-10 drops Organic Lavender Essential Oils (Stress relieving, directly calms

the shen)


24 oz’s of Raw Goat Milk Or 1 cup Goats Milk Powder 


1 large tablespoon Raw Honey (Topically healing to cuts, scrapes,)



1. Decoct all herbs in medium sized pot for 12 minutes bringing herbs almost to boil at low heat.

2. Strain tea into a large glass container or Vitamix. Make sure to get every last drop by squeezing the wet herbs with your hands or a spoon.

3. Add 24 oz’s of raw goat milk, or 1 cup goats milk powder, and mix.

4. Prepare bath by starting the water and adding 5-10 drops lavender essential oil.

5. Pour decocted and strained tea and goat milk mixture into fully drawn bathe and enjoy!

For further therapeutic benefit: Light candles and dim the lights! Romance yourself! Be sure to massage and rub your feet and legs while in this soothing herbal bathe, it will feel wonderful and revitalize you from the bottom up!



Hopefully you enjoyed this post and I look forward to sharing more with you!




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