Shen and Nourishing The Fire Element


In this podcast you will learn:

  • The connection between summer, the heart, and the fire element
  • What are the three treasures of jing, chi, and shen
  • What is shen
  • How the shen influences your potential for longevity and vitality
  • Why moving through like smoothly and fluidly is key for preservation and rejuvenation
  • How to easily relax and release stress fron the nervous system
  • How reishi and reishi spore oil benefits and tonifies the nervous system
  • And, much, much more…

From Li Yuheng, Unfolding the Mat with Enlightening Words (Tuipeng Wuyu, Ming dynasty, 1570:

The ancient book of definitions [Neijing] refers to the heart as the ruler of the human body, the seat of consciousness and intelligence. If we decide to nourish this crucial element in our daily practice, then our lives will be long, healthy, and secure. If the ruler’s vision becomes distracted and unclear, however, the path will become congested, and severe harm to the material body will result. If we lead lives that are centered around distracting thoughts and activities, harmful consequences will result.

The sage regards his/her body like a country: the heart is the ruler, and the jing and the qi are the citizens. If the heart does not abuse its superior position, if it remains centered and focused on the essential matters, the jing will flourish and the qi will be steady, noxious intruders will always be fought off, the dantian will be full with treasures, and every part of the body landscape will be light and at piece.

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