Strategy For the Rest of Winter

It’s that point in the year where we start to get a little frazzled with the blues again. Following the holidays and positive hopes of a new year and fresh start, we begin to feel the pressure of putting these hopes into action while still being in a rather dormant state of hibernation. This creates a conflict between the spirit and physical body, as the heart desires for our dreams to be fulfilled; yet our physical body is bound by the environmental and seasonal influences at play. These seasonal influences include the subtle emerging of yang yet still an abundance of yin.

Because we have this seasonal understanding of the ways of nature, instead of feeling desperate, hopeless, or the need to overly will ourselves into working excessively hard, we can relax into the process of becoming.

As the yang energy begins to emerge bringing forth the life of spring, we will become more active in the physical body as the qi within our vessels responds to the seasonal change. In the meantime, most of us depending on geographical location still have several very cold and somewhat darker months ahead of us. The best thing to do is to find things that make you feel comfortable and at ease with this inevitable seasonal darkness. Hot soups, warming teas, and non-destructive ways to regulate our stress and mood are vital.

If we are at ease we can begin the year with the wisdom of planning and strategy, increasing the likelihood of success this year. If one were to compare this to running a race, we would account this to not burning all of our energy in the start of the race, and saving it for the correct time to exert it.

One of the fastest ways to go to an instant increased mood state is to regulate stress, and supplement the heart, which is directly connected to the spirit and emotions in Chinese medicine. Reishi spore oil is probably the most potent immediate relief we carry in regards to this. This is something that is more than a little bit special.


Not only are we supporting the immune system(1), preventing tumors(2), increasing memory by protecting the neurocognitive aspects of the brain(3), and protecting the liver(4), but Reishi spore oil is perfect for this time of year because it strongly supplements the qi of the heart, which is most taxed by this in-between time of winter before spring. In Chinese medicine, the heart spirit known as shen, is kept in check by the lungs, (Po or Corporal soul). Anatomically, the lungs encase the heart, preventing it from acting out too much. The heart can be compared to an enthusiastic teenager who would like to max out all its credit cards on a shopping spree, eat an entire box of ice cream, and run naked dancing through the streets. When there is balance between the heart and lungs, the heart knows when to flaunt its passionate personality and when to keep its enthusiasms at bay. By having healthy heart qi and blood through the tonify heart qi/blood action of Reishi spore oil, and adequate lung qi through the tonify lung qi aspect of the herb, deeper breathing, better sleep, lower anxiety, less stress, increased emotional intelligence, and clarity in mental faculties will result. This also means we can rest easy knowing that we don’t have to force things now, but can make the strategic tweaks and shifts in our blueprints so that when it comes time to use our energy, we can use it intelligently and efficiently, maximizing productivity while decreasing wasted money, time, and efforts.



Hopefully this gives you some clarity on approaching the new year with virtuosity and finesse.

Talk soon,



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