The #1 Beauty Herb For Travel Proof Nourishment

The summer is full of travel and fun activities. According to the seasonal energetics of Chinese medicine we are at the peak of yang (the most active and outward energy) and therefore our bodies qi is most active during this time. We naturally have more energy as the yang flows freely to the surface. This extra activity is normal and healthy during this time, yet it is important to remember that when we are using the yang energy, and the external environmental energy is also yang, the yin may become deficient. When we over exert the yang we burn the yin. Thus it is important to nourish the yin and the blood as blood is considered the most yin substance within the body.

The quality of the hair is associated with the blood of the liver. Women lose blood monthly through menstruation and therefore are more susceptible to having inadequate liver blood. This can manifest as thin, dry hair, which can fall out easily, as well as weak nails, memory loss, floaters in vision, and sometimes nervousness, irritability or being overly talkative in a non-grounded fashion.

Those who are vegetarian or vegan as a dietary lifestyle are also more susceptible to blood deficiency.

The easiest way to prevent blood deficiency and nourish both liver and kidney yin, as well as blood is to take a daily He Shou Wu supplement!

He Shou Wu is the number #1 herb in Chinese medicine for building blood and nourishing the hair, preventing premature hair loss and sometimes even growing back hair where it has already been lost. For those who still have hair, He Shou Wu will thicken, strengthen, and invoke an angelic-like sheen to it!

The biggest problem with most people in being successful in reaching their health goals is actually remembering to take the supplements they buy.

This is why having capsules set on the countertop is the # 1 strategy to making sure you get your daily nourishment.

This way when you are making your morning tea or coffee you will visually see it by default and easily incorporate it as a part of your daily health protocol.

Capsules are ideal for those who struggle with remembering to take herbs, and those who are pressed for time and are inconvenienced by the extra step of making tea. They are a convenient and quick way to get the nourishment you need. They are also a great gift to give to loved ones who are reluctant to put in much effort to maintain health.

Traveling is another time when people end of falling off the wagon when it comes to self-care.

Bringing a bottle of He Shou Wu is an ideal way to make sure your liver blood and yin energy is being nourished while on the road, lubricating the intestines for regular bowel movement, and ensuring the bodies most precious resources are not drawn from. Traveling can be stressful, so having adequate liver blood and yin ensures the nervous system is able to adapt to these stressors, creating a calmer, more centered travel experience, and lowering cortisol release due to adequate yin anchoring and rooting the yang.

We are truly honored to help you support your health to the best of our knowledge this summer at Hyperion!!


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