The 8 Shortcuts of Weight loss

As the weather warms, and we come into the summer of 2015, a wardrobe change is necessary to acclimate to the hotter weather. Many people dread this time of year because they do not feel comfortable with the shape or the weight of their body.

In a culture which hyperbolizes highly unrealistic body physiques as the ideal image of perfection, it becomes a larger emotional burden when one cannot live up to these overly exaggerated standards of beauty, let alone reach a mediocre physique.

The point of this article is not to cater to the delusions which modern media is attempting to propagate but to empower individuals struggling with weight loss to be aware of a few lesser known factors which usually effects everyone yet is not commonly spoken of. In addition I would like to offer the top tips on losing weight fast.

1. Start your day with protein within half an hour of waking. This tells your body to speed up the metabolism. A small handful of brazil nuts is usually easiest.

2. Eat animals, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Farm fresh eggs, Organic and grass-fed meats (including red meat), nuts, fruits, vegetables and non dairy sources of fat (avocados, coconut oils, animal fat) will not make you gain weight. You can eat these without worry preferably in a larger to vegetable ratio.

3. Acidify your fats. When you have fats, throw Braggs apple cider vinegar or lemon juice on them for increased digestion.

4. Get your carbs from fruit not bread products or grains.

5. Take probiotics, and drink a large green smoothie with a piece of ginger each morning.  This will stimulate weight loss through regular and highly complete bowel movements. One cup of caffeine is another suitable addition to encourage regular and complete bowel movements.


6. Don’t cut out, add in! Breads, pastas, wraps, and dairy products will without a doubt prevent you from losing weight. Don’t cut them out, just crop them out by replacing them with the above listed foods.

7. Set realistic goals, such as regular moderate exercise 3 times a week. (Not everyday)

8. Take an estrogen blocker. We are exposed to tons of exo-estrogens (externally contracted estrogens) which negatively impair our bodies ability to keep excess weight off. This is through pollution, cleaning products, perfumes, personal hygiene products, our water supply, and even in our food.

One of the fastest ways to rid you of excess body fat is to block harmful estrogens which accumulate from the environment. Estrogen blockers also encourage increased muscle strength, increased endurance, preventing hormonal hair loss, healthier sex drive, higher levels of free testosterone, hormonal balance, depression prevention, anti aging, cancer and tumor prevention, as well as the natural tendency of the prostate to enlarge with age increasing likelihood for cancer.

It is beneficial to both men and woman, and is one of the most fundamental aspects of weight loss in the modern age.

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For some of the science behind estrogen blockers check out our previous article with an amplitude of clinically cited studies.

Hopefully this has been educational and beneficial for you or a loved one.


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