The Best Way to Stay Strong During the Holidays.

There is one special formulation that accomplishes the tasks of increased muscle strength, endurance, preventing hormonal hairloss, healthy sex drive, higher levels of free testosterone, hormonal balance, depression prevention, anti aging, cancer and tumor prevention, as well as the natural tendency of the prostate to enlarge with age increasing likelihood for cancer. While these are all great things to be aware of at any point of the year, it is now more than ever that we are thrown out of balance in regards to the above listed health concerns.

The holidays are full of fun festivities. Much of these festivities involve large amounts of alcohol, binge eating, and also traveling. Accompanying sicknesses that circulate throughout this time of year, traveling, and family time can lead to stress and irregular resting schedules. This is a major contributing factor to breaking down the immune system through the mechanism of higher cortisol levels.

Research shows that large amounts of body fat and excess alcohol consumption are factors in creating excess estrogen in the body. This can lead to a whole host of issues, planting the seeds for common health problems, inhibiting our abilities to stay strong on an immune front; plus hormonally balanced. Additionally, excess estrogen in men illustrates signs and symptoms of feminization, such as enlarged breasts and a redistribution of body fat into a pattern that mimics that of women. (15) In both men and woman, mood is directly affected by estrogen imbalance leading to common emotional challenges such as depression. Likewise to depression, sex drive, hair loss, increased abdominal fat, low energy levels, and an enlarged prostate are also health concerns that stem from this imbalance. Women are uniquely affected by excess estrogen levels as well. According to one research article based on clinical studies,

“As estrogen levels build up to twice the normal level, many systems of the body are adversely affected. Body fat stores increase. Fluids are retained, causing bloating and edema. There are defects in both fat and sugar metabolism, often severe enough to cause diabetes. Risks of endometrial cancer are increased to 5-14 times” (16)


Fortunately, there is a combination of two substances that can correct, prevent, and aid in these hormonal, and immune related imbalances, but also reassure that we enjoy our holiday season rather than allow it to wear us out. One formula that combines immune-modulatory properties, the perquisites for anabolic (building/repairing) activity, as well as everything the body needs to stay strong while ridding itself of these unwanted estrogens, is our Estrogen Detox formula. It is composed of just two ingredients.

In this article we will analyze the individual properties of each ingredient within our Estrogen Detox formula. Through doing so I am hoping to provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of how this formula works effectively as a whole to balance these common holiday conundrums, which overall decrease our quality of life, lessening our abilities to prevent disease, and remain youthful.


Research published at the Diindolylmethane (DIM) Immune Activation Center, has conclude that DIM is the only molecule known in the biomedical field to have direct anti-cancer properties and immune modulating properties. It is naturally occurring in members of the brassica family such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, and cabbage, but is almost always too difficult to get enough for therapeutic and healing purposes from food sourc es without extraction. (17.)

One of the functions of DIM is that it up regulates the expression of IFN-y and IFN-y receptor, enhancing the effects of IFN-y-induced expression of MHC I in human breast cancer cells. (1,2) IFN-y is a central controller of immune and inflammatory responses (3-5) that contribute to inhibition of primary and transplanted tumor development (6-10) as well as antiviral responses. (5)

According to one study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry in 2008, analyzing the stimulation of murine immune function in vitro and in vivo, “The results presented herein indicate that DIM is a potent stimulator of immune function and can directly affect splenocyte and macrophage function. These properties might contribute to its well-documented antitumor and antiviral effects.” (18)

The primary functions of DIM on regulating immune response, lowering cellular inflammation, and lessening the occurrence of precancerous cells, is the first component to the strategic combination of this formula.

The second component of this formulation is TMG (Trimethylglycine), another natural compound found in sugar beets and other foods. TMG utilizes methylation which rids the body of pathogenic amino acids, and the harmful compound, homocysteine which is a compound that increases with age due to our bodies natural deterioration of methylation ability (12). This aids in not only removal of unwanted estrogens but also supports us in muscle recovery from exercise or athletic involvement. It is the anabolic prerequisite to us recovering strongly and building up our bodies rather than depleting it. (14.) Not only does TMG have strong recovery components but it also has been shown to increase body composition, muscle size, work capacity, attenuate a rise in HCTL, and improve exercise power and endurance (13, 14)


In combination DIM and TMG utilize anabolic immune and endocrine components yet also detoxification of excess and harmful estrogen, utilizing the best of both worlds and making it the ideal formula to ensure you are health proofed for the holidays. Moreover, it works in miraculous combination with all of our medicinal mushroom extracts, and makes a great gift to yourself or a loved one.

I wish you a restful holiday, may you find peace and happiness in this time and within.

All the best,

Brandon (1.) (2.) (3.) (4.) (5.) (6.) (7.) (8.) (9.) (10.) (11.) (12.) (13.) (14.) (15.) (17.) (18.)

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