The Harmful Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals | How To Detox Them

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In this video I will share some important information about endocrine disrupting chemicals and some of the common ways people try to detox them. Also why I am not a fan of "bubble boy" or "doom and gloom" type approaches.

Exogenous disruptors
-pesticides, herbicides
-chlorine, fluoride

These things build up and probably cause a lot of inflammation, irritation, and imbalance in the body.

The WHO paper on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals:

Other Strategies
-IR saunas
-Juice fasting
-EDTA, etc
-zeolite powders- liquid suspensions

Why I think Detox Drops are superior
-actually hydrolyzed
-true binder
-lab tested for particle size and weight
-lab tested to be free of heavy metals
-super easy to use

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