The Magic of Reishi Revealed: Triterpenes

A Closer Look at Triterpenes

In this article we will explore the star “ingredient” in reishi spore oil, unlocking the “magic” of this power herb.

What are triterpenes?

… Literally?

Terpenes consisting of six isoprene units, and a terpene is basically an unsaturated hydrocarbon.

 The reality is that this power unit of unsaturated hydrocarbon is one of the most exciting medicinal elements that occur in nature.

The path of triterpenes in the human body have been seen to range from being a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial to cancer and tumor reduction!

Triterpenes and Reishi!

There are many triterpenes in reishi, the most popular being, ganoderic acids, lucidenic acids, and sterols.  In fact, in the last few decades, more than 140 triterpenes have been isolated from reishi fruiting bodies, spores, and mycelia.  They are a collective powerhouse of immune system strength and protection.  One studied administered showed the triterpenes present in reishi were DNA-protective against radiation-induced damage, even at a low dose. This study suggested that triterpenes are radio-protective and have concise therapeutic potential.

One of the most remarking qualities of triterpenes researched in the scientific field is their cytotoxicity against cancer and tumor cells.  Cyto, meaning cell, and toxic, well, meaning toxic.  Chemotherapy and radiation are considered to be cytotoxic, so the fact that triterpenes have been seen to show incredible cytotoxicity suggests reishi mushroom to be a profound vehicle of exploration for a natural treatment and prevention of cancer cells.  Not to mention that instead of using radiation to treat cancer cells, triterpenes could potentially serve the same function, while also being radioprotective.

In other words, it could be the treatment, and the clean-up crew for previous failed treatments.

Triterpenes and the Nervous System

Believe it or not, the liver and the nervous system go hand in hand.  The grounding and calming effect of reishi mushroom can be attributed to the liver tonifying qualities of triterpenes, which is directly correlated with the bitter taste they provide.  In Chinese Medicine, bitter flavor nourishes the liver, and that is directly grounding for the nervous system.

This has been shown to improve:

–       Sleep

–       Depression

–       Anxiety

–       Weak nerves

–       Focus

Additional Interesting Facts about Triterpenes

Triterpenes are also balancing for the hormones, digestion, blood pressure, and circulation, as well as again, being one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories and anti-viral compounds found in nature.

In fact, triterpenes are precursors for steroids, which are nature’s anti-inflammatory. Triterpenes are the natural, effective, and completely safe alternative to traditionally prescribed steroids.


 Triterpenes have been seen to positively affect:

–       Liver Health

–       Sleep

–       Focus

–       Brain Function

–       The Immune System

–       The Nervous System

–       Digestion

–       Blood pressure and Circulation

And also has been seen to be:

–       Anti-inflammatory

–       Anti-viral

–       Anti-microbial

–       Radio-protective

–       Anti-Cancer

–       Anti-Tumor

The Best Way to Integrate Triterpenes into Your Body

The most concentrated form of triterpenes can be found in reishi spore oil at an astounding 33% per capsule.  Hyperion reishi spore oil is the highest concentration, in the purest form on the market.  The oil is extracted using only CO2, meaning that no harsh chemicals or temperature were used in the extraction, preserving the full integrity and energetic signature of the triterpenes.  Reishi spore oil is hands down the best source for triterpenes.

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Anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor:


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