The Other Side of Whey Protein

Whey protein offers many benefits, some of the more well-known being, a solid protein supplement, aiding in workout programs and recovery, as well as a calorically dense and delicious powder that enables creation of tasty and sustainable beverages.  Honestly, with a high quality whey protein, its already served its purpose and fulfilled a duty that not many other powders or supplements could, but there is much, much more to whey protein that isn’t as commonly regarded.


When we generally think of cleansing, we think fasts, juicing, pill-popping, tea-drinking, or saunas, but did you know that an organic, grass-fed whey protein concentrate could be a daily staple for removing stagnation from your body? The reality is, a high quality whey protein is packed with amino acids, enzymes, and anti-oxidants that are profoundly detoxifying.

  • Lactoferrin: This is a multifaceted protein that helps to transport iron to the cells, as well as regulate the absorption of iron into the intestines.  Being that it is extremely antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-allergenic, anti-parasitic, and even radio-protective, it also is a one-stop shop for elimination of and protection from bad bacteria.  Some studies have even shown lactoferrin to be actively deterrent to certain fungal and viral infections, as it is also used to kill bacteria during meat processing.  If that wasn’t enough, this protein has also been seen to regenerate cell growth, as some studies has regarded lactoferrin in cancer prevention.  This is a powerhouse that you definitely want to keep cycling through your body for that daily tune-up.
  • Glutathione: If there were a king of anti-oxidants, glutathione takes the throne.  It plays such an integral role in the body, as our body both produces it and uses it to eliminate toxins.  In most cases of longevity, glutathione levels are visibly higher.  In that light, providing your body with the amount it needs is critical in disease prevention and health stabilization.  Glutathione deficiency is almost inevitably consistent with any sickness, ailment, or disease.  It’s becoming increasingly more apparent, even making appearances on Dr. Oz.  Glutathione is a TOXIN MAGNET, and is critical for immune function.  It is constantly being depleted, whether by environmental pollutants, toxins, sun damage, or any other form of cell degradation, and due to the lack of raw animal products in our modern diets, some of the elements required to produce glutathione are also missing, thus overtly lowering our cellular levels.  Organic, grass-fed, non denatured whey protein provides your body with the ability to produce glutathione at optimal levels, promoting proper elimination of toxins, liver health, protection from sickness, and overall health and longevity.
  • Immunoglobulins:  These little guys are glycoprotein molecules that actually function as anti-bodies, and bind to harmful pathogens, antigens, bacteria and viruses, and help to remove them from the body.
  • Glycomacropeptides (GMP):  This is a type of casein peptide that serves many beneficial functions in the health of our bodies.  The consumption of GMP can help increase absorption of iron, calcium, and zinc, and has also been linked to muscle development.  Being high in branched amino acids, it has also been shown to bind to toxins and show them the door.  It also helps with stomach and intestinal health, and has been even been shown to reduce plaque and cavities by inhibiting the adhesion of the harmful bacteria to the teeth.

What You Need To Know Before Investing In Whey

There are so many wonderful attributes that give whey protein its depth beyond being just a work out supplement, but I assure that all whey is NOT created equal.  Many whey protein supplements have been structured to try and pack the most protein into one scoop, while ignoring what gets damaged in the process.  Here is a list of requirements that will allow your protein to go all the whey:

  • Organic, Grass-Fed:  Broken record aside, this is a very important, and unfortunately rare, quality to look out for when purchasing a whey protein supplement.  You are what you eat- and so is the cow.  If you want to receive all of the cleansing and detoxifying agents in the whey protein, and your cows are being pumped full of antibiotics and nutritionally flat grains, you may as well not take it at all.  These factory farm cows are not only treated horribly and barely are able to live and digest the food they are being given without the chemicals, but are also permeating that into the whey they are producing.  Grass-fed cows are able to graze, eat, and naturally fertilize their own food source, making for healthier, happier, full-bodied, and completely organic whey protein. This is a fundamental and essential base-requirement that you should look out for.
  • Non-denatured:  Though this may be another unfamiliar term, when you break it down etymology style, “denatured” literally means, “the nature has been eliminated.”  In the simplest terms, that is exactly what it means.  Unless stated otherwise, most whey proteins on the market are denatured.  Being that also most cows are mistreated and pumped full of harmful pathogens, the denaturing process is a legal necessity in removed these bacteria by using harsh processing with high heat.  This is also done for convenience of water solubility and to achieve higher levels of actual protein.  However, what are lost in the process are all the wonderful cleansing amino acids and proteins mentioned in the article.  If you are starting with a quality cow, eating quality food, in a quality environment, there is not reason to denture the whey, as there exists a cold-processing method that preserves all the wonderful elements that exist in whey protein, and are still able to pasteurize it to legal standards.
  • Concentrate:  This is a great debate among whey protein enthusiasts- concentrate vs. isolate.  The bottom line is this- concentrates generally have lower protein content, but include ALL of the naturally occurring nutritional constituents that make whey protein the sustainable and health-optimizing whole food supplement it was meant to be.  Going back to etymology, “isolate” literally means it’s been isolated from all of the healing fats, sugars and enzymes in order to achieve higher levels of protein that in context, wouldn’t even be as bioavailable as the lower protein content that exists in concentrates that haven’t been separated from its nutritional brethren. 

The benefits of a high quality whey protein can be truly transformational for any health regimen in removing stagnation, preventing disease, promotion longevity, and boosting the immune system.

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