Understanding Mental Metabolism & Law Attraction

In the video previous I introduced the concept of mental metabolism
and how it relates to meditation and the law of attraction.

So in the video I want to explore that concept more deeply and add
more clarity to how these three things interplay and relate.

To recap

We can understand mental metabolism as the process of sorting,
processing, digesting, and eliminating the by products of thought.

Just like my need to regularly eliminate the physical by products of
metabolism, so to do we need to eliminate the psychological by

These would be things like out dated self images, limiting beliefs,
poison arrows, and spells.

In essence these are all things which constrict us both energetically
and behaviorally, thus keeping us stuck in the same patterns, thus
producing the same results.

So this relates to meditation and law of attraction in a few ways.

1. Through the process of meditation and inward focus we are to able
become aware of the outdated self images, limiting beliefs, etc.

2. Through the process of meditation we have the ability to deprogram
and remove these blockages.

3. In the end, this changes the thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and thus
actions that we have access to.

4. Which finally transforms our perception and perspective and thus
alters the experiences that we attract.

So this allows us to reach a point where we can say,

“Hey, MAYBE I can be different. Maybe I can have a new experience,
Maybe can things upgrade for me.”

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