What is 300x More Potent Than Reishi | Reishi Spore Oil | Hyperion Herbs

Filmed back in 2012, from my original channel - RIP :( :( Organic Reishi Spore oil is formulated to create a pure, high potency, and easy-to-digest vehicle for triterpenes, which is generally the lesser concentrated of the two main medicinal components of reishi mushroom in traditional preparations or extracts of the fruiting body. Ideas!: We like to bite the capsules and swish the oil around the mouth- this is because the mucous membranes in the mouth can absorb the oils more quickly. You can also break the capsule open and add to smoothies or juices if they are being consumed soon thereafter.

Learn more about Reishi Spore Oil here: http://www.hyperionherbs.com/shop/organic-reishi-spore-oil-capsules/ Here's the reishi hunting video:

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