What Is Chaga Mushroom

Chaga Mushroom is also known as the “Gift from God” in Siberia, the “Diamond of the Forest” in Japan, and the “King of Plants” in China. This mushroom with many names is commonly found growing in dense birches and is an impressive source of different nutrients. The use of Chaga dates back to the early days of Chinese medicine. Chaga is one of the East’s open secrets in health care and is more commonly known for being avidly used for its anti-aging benefits and is also used to promote longevity, boost the immune system, help fight virus and bacteria and also to revitalize chi.

Unlike most mushrooms that grow on dead ones, Chaga grows on living trees and is considered a slow-growth fungus. It usually takes 15-20 years and even longer before it reaches maturity and considerably grows its beneficial nutrients as time passes by. The birch is revered as a “medicinal tree” and the Chaga mushrooms spawning from it also contains the same healthy effects from its source. Chaga obtains botulin, known as immune-modulating, anti-mutagenic (helps protect and inhibit an individual from genetic mutations and diseases), anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Second to chocolate, Chaga has the most antioxidant content with a 25% antioxidant makeup and a 23% advantage from other mushroom supplements.

A chaga mushroom also contains SOD or superoxide dismutase, an enzyme that is naturally contained in our bodies. SOD helps in protecting the body from free radicals and the damaging effects of oxygen specifically the singlet oxygen which causes diseases and rapid aging.Naturally found in our skin, SOD is responsible for rejuvenating the skin through skin-cell rebuilding, in effect slows down the aging process.  Specific to Chaga are the phenolic compounds that protect tissues. Skin tissues in particular, phenolic are present that contains pigments like melanin, helps regain skin color and achieve more radiant look.

Also rich in minerals, enzymes and various B vitamins, Chaga is a nutritional powerhouse. A Chaga mushroom is also considered one of the world’s abundant sources of pantothenic acid and is very rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium.

Chaga contains a high 30% content of polysaccharides.Polysaccharides are responsible for the mushroom’s bitter taste.  Neither stimulating nor depressing these polysaccharides helps bring your body back to its proper state of balance. Although some mushrooms leave a bitter taste, the vanillin content of a chaga mushroom gives you the soft undertones of vanilla taste and an extra dose of its anti-tumor and anti-oxidant properties.

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