What is Polyrachis

The polyrachis refers to the extract made from the dried body of the Polyrachis vicina ant. This species of ant is commonly found in the wild mountainous regions of Asia and can be consumed by humans. It is a rare herb that has not yet undergone scientific research. In actual sense the polyrachis is an ant and should not be classified as an herb although Classic Chinese medicine does so, putting it in the same league as other herbs like ginseng.

Polyrachis extract has a long history in Chinese medicine and a solid reputation as being a potent tonic. In fact, Polyrachis was often referred to as the Herb of Kings. It was mainly used by nobility although today its use has become more widespread particularly among Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Polyrachis is known to be a very powerful cure for infertility and increases potency. This could partial be due to the enhanced levels of zinc found in the extract. People who have consumed it claim that within days the experience and increased libido and better sexual performance. Polyrachis improves a person’s overall sense of well being and boosts his or her libido.

It also helps soothe stressed people as it calms moods and encourages sleep. It is also renowned for increasing vitality. It makes one feel years younger and boosts a person’s state of health. This may be due to its ability to enhance the presence of RNA and DNA in blood cells. This slows down the aging process by boosting cell regeneration and repair of tissues. It is also said to slow aging by preventing the onset of health problems such as fatigue, memory loss, cardiovascular problems, and weak bones and joints.

It also boosts energy. This may be a result of the unique ATP found in the ant that nourishes the blood and boosts its circulation. There are 20 trace elements, as well as proteins and amino acids, which are found in ants. These nutrients are what enrich the blood of those that consume the extract. This also helps to improve metabolism leading to weight loss. Its nourishing ability makes it a valued additive to body building supplements.

Even relatively young people in China take this extract on a daily basis to boost their energy levels. Ants are known to have fantastic amounts of strength that allows them to carry burdens that are even more than their own body weight. It is believed that certain aldehyde compounds are what cause that strength and translates to boosted energy in humans.

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