What is Reishi Spore Oil? | Hyperion Reishi Spore Oil

Haha, can't believe I used to look and sound like this...This video was filmed back in 2013 most likely. What is reishi spore oil? What are the reviews? How is it made? Though it may be hard to believe that there is an even more bioactive form of reishi mushroom that has its own set of unique qualities ready to enter your body and make some upgrades, it is true. Like the concentrated extract, reishi spore oil still comes with all the amazing qualities of the mushroom itself, such as immune-modulation, stress relief, liver protection, shen support, and adaptogenic qualities, but with the spore oil, you get a few extra bonuses in a very special way.

With such a new and rare product, there is bound to be a few questions that come up.

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