What Is Spagyric Medicine?

Spagyrics are one of the oldest approaches to holistic health and healing. Spagyrics actually have their own system of medicine, which is a unique blend of homeopathy, herbology, alchemy, and pharmacology.

While modern medicine mainly aims to alleviate or eliminate symptoms, spagyrics take a different approach. Spagyric medicine instead seeks to find the underlying dysfunction that is manifesting itself in symptoms, and then correct this root issue.

Spagyrics can also be used in conjunction with a more traditional eastern medicine paradigm - where again the focus is not necessarily on eliminating symptoms, but on cultivating health, well being, and quality of life from the outset (which in turn usually results in people experiencing sickness and symptoms much less often) .

What Makes Spagyrics Unique

So why would one choose to take spagyrics over other forms of herbs? Simply put, a spagyric is a uniquely dynamic extract,  wherein all the ingredients are not only optimized for bioavailability, but also work together symbiotically. Oftentimes multiple plants are used that compliment each other - Goji Berries and Schizandra Berries, for example.

Also, in more common methods of extraction like decoctions or non-spagyric alcohol tinctures, some part of the herb is usually lost or discarded in the process. Spagyrics are the only extraction method that allows you to consume and experience the full “body” of a given herb, and hence experience its full character. Spagyrics utilize all the active physical components of plants and herbs, but purify them into a more concentrated and bioavailable form.

Spagyric Medicine Uses & Benefits

    Using spagyrics consistently may offer the following benefits:

    -Support detoxification
    -Adaptogenic effects on bodily systems and organs
    -Addressing health at its foundational level, rather than striving to eliminate symptoms
    -Gentle, non-toxic, 100% natural, made from functional plants, herbs, & minerals
    -The only extraction method that captures & uses the full body & essence of an herb

    To learn more about the benefits of spagyrics, and how they differ from regular alcohol tinctures, check out my recent blog.

    What The Science Says About Spagyrics

    Because spagyrics were first based on and used within an alchemical worldview, it is difficult to translate their results and effects into the language of modern western science, as these two paradigms are not exactly in perfect alignment with each other. Rather, spagyrics are one of the only genuine remnants of ‘traditional occidental medicine’ and like most traditional systems, their effects and use cases are often described in terms of analogies, symbolism and holistic beliefs.

    Not many formal scientific studies on spagyrics have been conducted - so experience is largely still anecdotal and traditional. That said, there have been some scientific findings.

    For example: “research published in the British Homeopathic Journal by Professor RR Sharma demonstrated that the energetic information contained in homeopathic medicines [like spagyrics] is able to  cross  the  blood-brain  barrier  in  a  matter of approximately 8 seconds and thus deliver therapeutic effects in a deep manner.”  (Source)

    Spagyrics may also accelerate detoxification and drainage of the connective tissue and cellular matrix, as well as restore physiological cell metabolism. They support proper functioning of specific intracellular organelles like peroxisomes, most prevalent in the liver and kidneys, that play a crucial role in clearing toxins. This optimizes the function of the organs of elimination, re-establishing a healthy inner milieu. They also help re-establish cell-to-cell communication within the body as a cooperative system. (Source)

    The Best Spagyrics & How To Use Them

    The best spagyric to take will depend largely on what your goals are, as many of the effects depend on the specific herbs in the spagyric. However, above all what you should be seeking is quality. There are many new spagyric companies popping up that do not engage in the traditional preparation of spagyrics. Many companies essentially aim to produce a product as cheaply as they possibly can, and much of the quality is lost because people are just trying to keep their business margins as high as possible. 

    For these reasons, I myself avoided spagyrics for a long time. But I finally met someone with such a high level of training, education, and dedication in this craft that I finally saw the power of this modality. I’m proud to offer spagyrics of the utmost quality and introduce people to this amazing form of herbalism. Here are my personal favorites right now:

    Schisandra and Goji Spagyric - Benefits:

    -Potent yin tonic

    -Longevity support

    -Neurological/Cognitive Support

    -Calming the heart

    -Quieting the spirit

    -Overall health and rejuvenation

    Pine Pollen Spagyric - Benefits:

    -Potent jing tonic

    -Energy and endurance support

    -Hormonal health support

    -Source of hard-to-find nutrients

    -Overall health and rejuvenation

    Turkey Tail Spagyric - Benefits:

    -Potent qi tonic

    -Longevity support

    -Immune Support

    -Liver & lung tonic

    -Clearing of dampness (in TCM)

    -Overall health and rejuvenation

    A final note on how to use and take spagyrics: start off slowly when taking them - only gradually working up to higher doses. For my own spagyrics above, I recommend people start with 1/2 - 1 dropper under the tongue or in a little bit of hot water, 1-3x per day, or as needed. The latter is my favorite way of consumption as the hot water seems to open everything up and allow all of the amazing aromatics and flavor compounds to fully express themselves.
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