What’s The Most Powerful Adaptogen On The Planet?

In this video I share with you the most powerful adaptogen on the planet and why its one of my favorite herbs of all time.



In this video we cover:

What makes gynostemma so exciting to me?

1. It tastes great.
2. It has the highest concentration of saponins of any herb. It has 88+, where as ginseng and astragalus have in the range of 30s
3. Pretty cheap and easy to use
-Has been called ginseng at a tea price
-Pretty much everyone knows how to steep tea
4. It is really powerful, but so intelligent that its gentle, so this makes it really well tolerated by most everyone.
5. It has 30+ years of scientific research to back it up
-check out google scholar or pubmed if you want to be blown away

Learn more about Gynostemma here: Organic-gynostemma/

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