Which Reishi Mushroom Has The Most Benefits?

Reishi mushroom is one of the leading tonic herbs of all time, obviously quality and potency is of the utmost importance.

Time being the keyword here, it also has been known to our human existence for over four thousand years.  Reishi has different varieties, as it is found in nature in different colors, and is cultivated to different stages.  As an herbal supplement, reishi can start to get diluted and considerably less effective depending on a few different factors.  The first factor is what it is you are exactly taking, in regards to the type of reishi mushroom and the level of maturity it has reached.  The second thing to keep in mind is how it is grown.  This could not only deal with whether it is wild or greenhouse, but also the type of wood, if any, and the type of soil, again, if any.  Growing conditions are also very important when cultivating reishi. There is no reason to have to decode your herbal supplements, but without proper education, it is unfortunately necessary in this field.  As it is important to get the most out of your reishi, Duanwood reishi answers positively to these unanswered questions, acting as a seal of quality.  Just as USDA organic ensures the safety of your grocery, Duanwood reishi ensures the quality of your mushroom.

Twenty years ago, Japanese Dr. Yoshi discovered that reishi mushroom possessed cancer-healing properties.  The Japanese government wasted no time in sending him to China in search of the finest, highest quality and most potent reishi mushroom.  Through much research and lab tests it was discovered that Duanwood reishi prevailed as meeting the requirements Dr. Yoshi had set.  Duanwood reishi specifies that it has been grown on specific types of hardwood indigenous to specific areas of China.  It is the fruiting bodies of the red reishi mushroom, while other varieties of reishi include black, blue, white, yellow and purple.  There are actually over two thousand different varieties of reishi found in nature, while only a small number have been shown to have potent medical benefits.  Duanwood reishi has the highest concentration of powerful, plant-kingdom medicinal agents, called phytonutrients.

It is also common in the field of medicinal mushrooms to use the immature bodies of the mycelium, which is the stage of the mushroom between the spore and the mature adult body.  In most cases, these mushrooms are cultivated in grain slurry, in a box, with a small growing period.  It costs considerably less money to produce mycelium, and when you get the final product, it is half minimally potent mushroom and half the grain slurry the mushroom was not able to digest.  When dealing with Duanwood reishi, you are ensured the highest quality of mushroom, grown on hardwood in nutrient-rich soil, where the mushroom is able to obtain the essential phytonutrients it needs for its powerful health benefits.  The government actually regulates Duanwood reishi, as it is forbidden to use chemicals or pesticides in the growing process, so you can be assured that you are also getting a one hundred percent organic product.

When choosing your reshi supplement, there is no reason to have to translate terms left unexplained on your bottle.  We can now see why Duanwood reishi is the highest grade of reishi mushroom available on the market today.

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