Why Autumn is the Perfect Time to Take Cordyceps

Autumn is the driest season of the year. In Chinese five element theory it is associated with the metal element, which is associated with the Lungs. The lungs are the bodies first defense in preventing pathogens as it governs the opening and closing of the pores, supplementing the smooth flow of wei qi (defense qi/first line of immune defense)

Some of the functions of the Lung according to Chinese Medicine are:

  • Rule qi and respiration
  • Control the channels and blood vessels (with the Heart)
  • Control dispersing and descending
  • Regulate and move the water passages
  • Control skin, sweat glands and body hair (the “Exterior”)
  • Open into the nose
  • House the Po (corporeal soul)
  • Govern the voice (Not only sound and loudness but the ability for one to express what needs to be expressed, without feeling suppressed)

The Lungs spread Wei Qi (defensive Qi) and body fluids all over the body to area between skin and muscles (The Lungs are related to skin). This ensures that Wei Qi is equally distributed under skin to warm skin and muscles and protect the body from exogenous pathogens (Symptoms of a “cold” = Impairment of dispersing function of lungs, exterior pathogenic influence of cold wind obstructing skin which blocks pores and Qi circulation.) Because of this Qi cannot be dispersed and the pathogen is now stuck within the body, this is when the first symptoms of a cold ensue.  By taking Cordyceps we are able to strengthen our Wei Qi and bodies first line of defense preventing illness before it strikes.

Because Cordcyeps nourishes the yin of the lung, it properly moistens it so that it is able to regulate fluid metabolism and delegation within the organ systems. The face, scalp and other areas of skin are able to receive this moisture preventing dryness, dandruff, itching. Nourishing the lung yin helps to preserve our delicate organs by ameliorating them. (The yin can be thought of as the oil necessary to keep a machine running smoothly.)

Other than nourishing lung yin, Cordyceps also nourishes kidney yang, making it a perfectly balanced single herb without the need for a formula. The kidney is associated with the winter and water element. By taking Cordcyeps we are not only taking care of the metal element associated with autumn but we are also appropriately preparing for the winter ahead via nourishing the mother (Metal, Lung, Autumn) of water (metal) so that the son (Water/Kidney/Winter) may flourish. This is taken from the 5 elemental theory that when the mother element is nourished the son element flourishes.


In conclusion, by taking Cordyceps in autumn and in the winter season we are not only boosting immunity but we are improving our bodies natural abilities to circulate moisture, fluids, and nourish various systems of the body. We are meeting nature’s natural cycles with an herb that complements the nature of the season. Lastly, by supplementing the kidney yang, we nourish the jing energy of the kidney, slowing the aging process and increasing our body’s natural energy reserves. The benefits of Cordyceps are quite the full spectrum solution for crafting physical and energetic ruggedness during this holiday season! Hopefully these insights have been of value to you, it is my intention to provide the most seasonally appropriate and educational information possible.

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