Why take Tonic Herbs?

Tonic herbs are an elite class of herbs used by both Western and Chinese herbal medicine systems. The term “tonic” generally refers to food based substances that are nutritionally dense and more potently nourish specific organs of the body than other herbs. Therefore, they are intended to be consumed regularly on and off for long periods of time to build up and protect these organs while accelerating biological human potential.

Historically, tonic herbs were consumed to prevent illness, diseases, and to protect the body against aging.

Tonic herbs are indicated for depletion of energies, where sickness, disease, chronic stress, or biological weakness has depleted resources to the point that the person’s ability to cope with a situation has been significantly compromised.

Tonic herbs consumed throughout a lifetime smoothly transition a person into old age by protecting the vital organ systems and their related counterparts.

Modern life exudes an excess of overstimulation and disharmony against natural rhythms such irregular sleep cycles, hyper stimulating meals/beverages and inconsistent meal times, lack of exposure to nature, excessive sexual habits, and prolonged periods of unnatural sitting positons.


These modern deviations from natural cycles:

  1. Place significant stress on the body.
  2. More quickly ages a person. (Greying hair, sluggish metabolism, hormonal imbalances, inadequate sexual drive, low back pain, arthritis.)
  3. Depletes their nervous system, lowering their ability to concentrate, focus, and handle stressful circumstances.
  4. Weakens the immune system resulting in sickness more often.

Tonic herbs are adaptogenic in the sense that equip a person to handle the increased stress of modern times, protect the nervous, immune, reproductive, digestive, and respiratory systems. Just by adding them to your regular routine you will get sick less often and get better faster if you do catch cold.


This results in:

  1. Lower stress levels which is most correlated with longer life, increased happiness, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and increased cardiovascular health.
  2. Increased digestive processes, lower systemic inflammation and pain.
  3. Decreased chance of tumors, oxidative stress, and a more advanced immune system which intelligently up regulates or down regulates based on environmental stressors and invading pathogenic influence.
  4. Increased sense of well being, and increased energy.

Tonic herbs are fun, food based, safe, and do not require an extensive to education to use.

They can be easily added to coffees, teas, or your favorite beverage, and are an excellent way to build up your system during the holiday seasons while supporting the people you love.

They are a simple way to increase energy, lower stress, and protect your body so that you have an increased sense of quality of life.

They ensure graceful aging, but more importantly, upgrade your sense of well being while you are here.

Chinese tonic herbs are some of the most biologically advanced phyto-based technologies available for jump starting your own inner brilliance and creativity. We hope you enjoy our fine selection of organic and utmost bioavailable extracts and teas.


We wish you a joyful holiday season!

-Team Hyperion     


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