Why We Need To Be Taking Immune Mushroom Extracts

There’s an old saying which is an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

 So far in my health journey these immune mushrooms have proven to be the best prevention I have found. Building a strong and intelligent immune system is one the most important things I think we can do.

Things in life are always constantly changing and transforming, so obviously being able to adapt is of the utmost importance.

Fortunately things like Reishi, Cordyceps, and Chaga are proven to assist in both of these goals.

For over a decade now these have been my go to herbs for calm, energy, and immune support.

Medicinal mushrooms do not push the immune system one way or another like many other immune-influencing herbs. These herbs actually balance and modulate the immune system, or in the other words, assist the immune system where it needs assisting. So if there is an area, which is under active, it can bring it back up to balance. If there is an area that is over active, it can actually calm that back down to balance. This indicates that these herbs are very intelligent and worthy of the title, “adaptogens” because they not only help us adapt to stress, but they also intelligently and gently adapt to the current level of homeostasis in the body.  Intelligent action are what set mushrooms apart from other forms of vegetation, as it has been seen under many different circumstances in regards to many different mushrooms.  One mushroom called Physarum Polycephalum was able to navigate a maze with a food source at the other end.  Medicinal mushrooms take similar action on seeking out imbalances and regulating within the maze that is our own bodies.

Medicinal Mushrooms and YOU

Virus and bacteria are intelligent organisms, which are constantly evolving and changing.  Keeping this in mind, it makes perfect sense to ingest things that can keep our immune system strong and balanced.  We are also constantly being exposed to stressors and toxins in our environment, which can have negative effects on our immune system and overall health. In addition, the daily experience of living can stress us out and there are detrimental effects that the stress hormones, like cortisol, can have on the immune system.   Simply put, we are exposed to germs, sicknesses, pollutants, chemicals, and countless stressors daily, and by consuming medicinal mushrooms, we can expect:

  • High protection from these stressors
  • More intelligent bodily functions
  • A free ride towards homeostasis
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Reduced stress and heightened mood
  • More energy
  • Healthier skin
  • Better digestion
  • Tonifying of all the organs
  • Resistance to aging and other depletion to our systems

You can learn more about these amazing mushrooms below:




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