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Rejuvenate Kidney Yin Formula

The legendary Rehmannia 6 or Liu Wei Di Huang formula is renowned for its ability to support Kidney & Liver Yin and rejuvenate the body after stress and overwork.

Holy Basil Spagyric Extract - 1 oz.

A potent liquid spagyric extract of Holy Basil, one of the most calming & centering tonic herbs. A few drops are all it takes to calm a busy, racing mind.

Ashwaganda Spagyric Extract - 1 oz.

This is a super potent liquid spagyric extract of high-quality Ashwagandha, an herb famous for its ability to support stamina, endurance, and energy.

Transform Extract - 4 oz

Introducing: the legendary Liu Jun Zi Tang Formula, now in a potent 20:1 dual extract. This formula is famous within Traditional Chinese Medicine for its ability to alleviate spleen deficiency.

Blue Lotus Absolute Oil - 1 gram

Blue Lotus has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years for its aphrodisiac and calming effects. Experience this legendary element of Egyptian culture.

Wild Sri Lanka Sandalwood Oil - 2 grams

High grade sandalwood is famous for its anti-anxiety, anti-depression, calming, and spiritual usages. Experience sandalwood oil of the utmost quality, wild-harvested from the forests of Sri Lanka.

Wild Vetiver Oil - 2 grams

This wild vetiver oil has an intoxicating aroma and a beautiful, mildly woody scent perfect for grounding and relaxation. Vetiver has a wide range of uses and benefits in aromatherapy.

Incense Tray

An elegant and high quality incense tray, highly recommended if you are going to be burning high-end incense like those offered on Hyperion Herbs.

Wild Hainan Agarwood Incense - 5 grams

Very high end, hand made, pure incense. 100% pure agarwood, no fillers, no additives, no flow agents. Just amazing hand made incense.

LaoShan Sandalwood Incense - 10 grams

I can easily say this is most likely the highest quality and best Sandalwood incense you will ever come across. Made from Sandalwood that is well over 100 years old.

2021 Silver Needle White Tea - 1 oz

Silver Needle is one of China's most iconic white teas. This fresh, fragrant, and delicious tea is one of the highest grade white teas available. Made from pure buds.

Jin Jun Mei Tea - 1 oz

A renowned black tea sourced from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province, China. Discover the stunning, delicious honey and floral qualities that jin jun mei is famous for.

Old Bush Shui Xian Oolong Tea - 1 oz

This artisanal Wuyi oolong is made from tea bushes that are 80 -100 years old. Brews produce a rich amber color that is rich in both flavor and aroma.

Lions Mane Extract Capsules

Lion’s Mane mushroom rejuvenates the mind and nervous system at a foundational level. Our unique extract has some of the highest erinacine and hericenone content in the industry.
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