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Chaga Mushroom Extract

Chaga Mushroom Extract

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Chaga is often called "The King of Medicinal Mushrooms" in reference to its incredible polysaccharide content. Our potent Chaga extract ranges from 30-35% polysaccharides. 


100% Pure potent chaga mushroom extract. THAT'S IT. Made with Wild harvested Chaga from Siberia. Absolutely NO fillers, flow agents, binders, or growth mediums.

Supplement Facts

Ingredients: Wild Siberian Chaga Mushroom Dual Extract
Other Ingredients: None
Concentration: 18:1
Container Size: 4 oz. | 112 grams
Suggested Serving Size: 1/4 teaspoon which is about 1 gram 1-2 x a day, or as directed by a health professional**
Serving Per Container: 110+ servings
Cost Per Serving: $0.45 per serving
Directions: Add 1/4 teaspoon (or as directed by your health professional)** to beverage or food of choice.


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Reignite Vitality With Wild Harvest Chaga Mushroom Dual Extract -

Are you ready to unlock the power of "The King of Medicinal Mushrooms"?

Look no further than this potent Chaga extract, meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional results. With a polysaccharide content ranging from 30% to 35%, our extract stands in a league of its own, ensuring you experience the full range of health benefits. It's time to delve into the world of intelligent long-chain sugar molecules and embark on a journey towards enhanced well-being.

Ignite Your Inner Fire with Chaga Extract - Unleash Your Energy

Feel the harmonious blend of calmness and vitality as you embrace the Wild Siberian Chaga Extract. This remarkable mushroom acts as the perfect bridge between Reishi and Cordyceps, offering you a unique experience. Imagine the tranquility of Reishi coupled with the immediate energy boost reminiscent of Cordyceps. It's a harmonious dance that leaves your mind clear and your spirit invigorated.

Indulge in Nature's Delight - A Symphony of Flavors

Savor the rich and woody essence of Chaga, complemented by delightful notes of chocolate and vanilla. As you incorporate Chaga into your favorite beverages, such as coffee, milk drinks, or teas, you'll witness an exquisite transformation. Watch as it enhances the energetic life of your morning coffee, smoothes the caffeine's edge, and prevents the dreaded crash. Fuel your brain with the abundant phyto-nutrients found in Chaga extract, while soothing your nervous system and reducing stress.

Chaga and Chinese Medicine - Unleashing Ancient Wisdom

In the realm of Chinese medicine, Chaga holds a revered status as a qi tonic, replenishing and invigorating your vital life force. It becomes your staunch ally, fortifying your "wei qi" or "surface defense qi," safeguarding your immune system against external threats like environmental toxins and abrupt weather changes.

The wei qi governs the body's ability to shield itself by opening and closing its pores, adeptly fending off pathogens while releasing excess heat. The integrity of your wei qi determines your vulnerability to illness in the face of identical pathogenic influences. Don't let it waver.

Revitalize Your Qi - Seize Life's Potential

Picture a life infused with unwavering vitality, untethered by excessive work, stress, or lack of sleep. By embracing the powerful qi tonics, Chaga and Reishi, you can prevent the depletion of your qi and the subsequent cascade of physical degeneration known as "blood deficiency." Let Chaga be your guardian, replenishing your primordial essence energy and preserving your well-being.

Fuel Your Journey with Chaga - Embrace Life's Essence

This isn't just about surviving; it's about truly engaging in life, embracing each moment with boundless energy and optimal health. Let potent qi tonics like Chaga be your insurance policy, ensuring your well-being remains unwavering, empowering you to thrive in every aspect of your life.

Experience the Power of Chaga - Unleash Your Potential

Now is the time to seize the extraordinary benefits of Chaga extract. Witness the union of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge research as you embark on a journey towards revitalization and optimal health. Unlock your potential, fueled by the mighty Chaga mushroom, and let its transformative power guide you towards a life of vitality, clarity, and profound well-being.