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Immortal Mushroom 

Why is Reishi the number 1 tonic herb? Why is it called the immortal mushroom? Why should you be taking it?

The worlds only 7 hour audiocourse all about Reishi mushroom. This course has been off the market for 8 years now but you can download the remastered version of it today for free.

This course also includes a 15 minute video walkthrough of the magic and lore of Reishi mushroom. If you're a reishi aficionado like I am then this video is something that you are going to want to check out as it contains things you will likely never see anywhere else.

Blender Alchemy

My famous elixir recipe eBook that is the summarization of 15 years of experience making the most potent and delicious tonic herbal elixirs. Learn all of my most delicious and potent elixir recipes using the highest quality superfoods and tonic herbs.

Tonic Herbalism Masterclass

What are tonic herbs? Why should you be taking them? How are they different than other herbs?

This course will give you the most important foundational information on tonic herbs. It begins by emphasizing the importance of taking tonic herbs and highlights the key factors that distinguish them from inferior herbs. You will learn how tonics herbs are deeply protective while be great tools for adapting to and overcoming stress. Lastly you will learn some of the history and folklore surrounding tonic herbs, demonstrating why they are so rare and important.