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Gynostemma Tea


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"Gynostemma tea is my favorite for gently detoxing my mind and body. It's so good at boosting the immune system. Add a little organic ginger to a cup and within 24 hours you can go from crap to great so as you can get back to doing what you do best." –Greg W.

The Benefits You Can Expect From Gynostemma

Here’s a quick look at the most common ways Gynostemma can improve your life, health, and energy levels:

Support healthy energy

Improve stress response

Boost your immune system

Aid & assist with digestion

Promote healthy aging

Maintain respiratory health

Regulate metabolism

Encourage gentle detoxification

Keep your body charged

  • “Feeling Better Mentally & Physically”

    "I'm just one month in, but already feeling better mentally & physically. I can also see the difference in my skin & hair. I have to learn to stay true to this miracle grass."

  • "Balancing, Restorative, & Great Tasting"

    "Gynostemma is a must-have for anyone into tonic herbs, and having tried others and looked around quite a bit, the quality here is on another level. Don't sleep on this one! Very balancing, restorative and great tasting."

  • "Tons Of Energy Without Feeling Stimulated"

    "This is a very high quality tea. The leaves are beautiful and whole and the potency is high. It gives me a ton of energy without feeling stimulated. I am going to start drinking this instead of coffee in the morning because it works so well. Nice flavor, mellow after steeping for 3 minutes and then it gets more robust if left to steep longer. It’s a great value too. There is so much in the bag and you can reuse the leaves so I find that one teaspoon of the dried leaves is enough to last me through multiple cups all day. I love this stuff!!"

A Quick Look at the Herb Known as “Miracle Grass”

Gynostemma tea was discovered in the late 1960's. While scientists were conducting research in China, they stumbled upon a province that had extremely low rates of cancer, heart disease, and other degenerative illnesses. In this province there were also a concentrated demographic living to be 90 to 100 years old.

Gynostemma tea contains 80+ different adaptogenic chemicals called saponins. This makes it a supreme tonic and anti-aging herb similar to ginseng — but at a fraction of the price.

After investigating, scientists uncovered a common thread: almost everyone in the province drank a tea they nicknamed "miracle grass." They swore by it as a virtual cure-all. These locals sought this plant and viewed it as the ultimate medicine. The scientists took it to the lab and began researching and studying it. They biochemically identified adaptogenic properties, antioxidants, and numerous clinical benefits.

How To Make Gynostemma Tea

Experiencing the benefits of Gynostemma is as easy as brewing a cup of tea. All you need to do is add 1 teaspoon of dried leaves to 8 – 12 ounces of hot water. Allow the tea to steep for 4 – 5 minutes and enjoy.

Note:the leaves are good for multiple steepings, so feel free to reuse throughout the day to get the most out of your tea.

Fun Fact:

Gynostemma goes by many names, such as jiaogulan, miracle grass, southern ginseng, and the immortality herb.


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