Quality comes before everything- in this growing industry, it is getting more saturated with newer companies and old looking to make a dollar at your expense. We strive to keep our integrity throughout carrying the highest quality products we can find on the market. We then ensure the quality with testing every single batch. We test for toxins, cross-contaminents, identity, and potency.

Every step of our process is mindfully moved through, from the grower to your hands.  Our products are grown organically, extracted purely, and secured in its respective packaging without the usage of any fillers.

Our herbal extract powders are hot water extracts which means that no other solvents, alcohol, or chemicals are used to achieve the high concentration potency.

To briefly describe the process, the raw herbs are placed in hot water until the medicinal constituents are voice of the raw herb body (which all have parts we cannot digest) and then through a spray drying process, it is formed into a fine powder, which can be directly added into any food or beverage of choice.

This achieves a couple things:
1. No need to prepare or heat- the powdered extracts are food and drink ready
2. Since they are extracts, they are a lot more easily digested and bioavailable to the body
3. We are able to achieve high concentrations of the herb by using a certain amount of pounds of the raw herb and condensing all the medicinal constituents into one pound.  For example, our he shou wu is a 16:1 concentration, which means 16 lbs of the raw herb created 1 pound of our extract, making it 16x more potent than a single extraction concoction.

We have have had a long-term and wonderful relationship with our harvesters and extractors, and they have always provided the highest quality material we can find on the market. If ever we come across something better, we do not hesitate for the upgrade.

We love hearing from you. Let us know your thoughts about our products.
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