The Spiritual Uses of Reishi Mushroom

For over 2 millennia, reishi has been a prominent forerunner for spiritual enhancement.  Spirituality could mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people, but one thing it all has in common is the feeling of connection- of being part of a greater whole.  Humbling, yet empowering, reishi has notorious capabilities to tap into this source of energy and create a heightened vision and experience within our own practices.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, reishi is an exalted spiritual herb, known for thousands of years to nourish the “shen.”

Shen is the channel of spirituality that runs through our very being.  It’s known as the heartmind, and is the “awareness” that inspires our existence.  Shen provides us with insight and allows our true selves into being, as it is essential for enlightenment.

For this reason, reishi has a special ability that is a rarity, even in the field of Chinese herbs, as its supreme class is unmatched.

Mystical History of the “Spirit Medicine”

Since its discovery over 2,000 years ago, reishi has been renowned to “make the body lighter.”  Ling Zhi, another name for reishi, translates as “Spirit Herb,” and was regarded as the key to immortality.   In Chinese culture, it was even said reishi could bring life back to the dead.  It has been depicted in ancient scrolls as a bridge between heaven and earth, as the mushroom itself is the symbol for longevity and spiritual radiance, much like the lotus flower is to Buddhist culture.  Ancient Taoists used reishi to become “capable of spiritual transcendence.”

There were many  different uses of that were apparent in ancient times without the modern science we have today.  Even Mayan culture has noted use of reishi mushroom for protection from and fighting disease.  It was used in China as a general tonic to inhibit fatigue, weakness, sickness, and disease, while also as a restorative method for sexual prowess.  This became an increasingly desirable commodity, and it is possible that the discovery of Japan originated from a fleet that was sent out to discover more reishi in distant lands.  This was a fleet of 50 young men and 50 young woman that was said never to return.

Some even believe reishi mushroom is extra-terrestrial.  Though outlandish, many mycologists look to our solar system as the origin of many different types of mushrooms.  In this light, it is believed their purpose is to activate consciousness here on earth, and the introduction of reishi into your life is the trailhead of enlightenment.

Their Legend is Our Reality

Over 2,000 years ago, Shen Nong, Emperor of the Qing Dynasty recognized that reishi was of a superior class of herbs and was able to “lighten the body.”  Today, we have the legend and the technology, with science and time to truly express these amazing qualities of the spirit herb.

We can used reishi in myriad of ways to help promote not only our overall health, but also our spiritual practices.  If there was a mushroom fashioned for meditation, this is it.  Reishi has significant ability to help reduce stress by being a powerful adaptogen.  Also, its amazing grounding and calming effects help to clear the mind, relax the body, and open up to your inexhaustible source of inspiration and creativity.  With this increased focus and tranquility, meditation and other spiritual practices become natural, personalized experiences.  Reishi has been seen to be evidently transformative on the open path of mindfulness.

Healthy body, Healthy Mind, Open Heart

The mind, body, and heart connection is becoming increasingly more important and apparent in these growing times.  It is our responsibly to be aware of this connection, so it can be nurtured and thus, we can thrive.  Reishi, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, has been seen to facilitate all three treasures, Jing, Chi, and Shen, and is a full being health elixir that is able to nourish your mind, body, and heart (or soul).

Reishi is a wonderful liver tonic, helping to prevent against free radicals and protect and support the function of the liver.  Less work for the liver means that it will function at a higher level.  This mushroom is a powerful adaptogen, while also rooted strongly as anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant.  With its immune-modulating abilities, reishi helps to protect your body by supporting your immune system.

When your body is at its highest functionality and your health is optimized, your mind and heart can start to elevate to higher levels, making reishi an ideal companion on your journey of spiritual cultivation.

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