The Many Benefits of Pine Pollen | Who Should Take It and Why?

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Pine pollen has been used medicinally for over 1500 years, beginning in China, Korea, and Japan. Because pine pollen has such a rich history of medicinal potency in China, there is a vast amount of clinical Chinese research testifying to its myriad of health benefits. These benefits may include: Improved...

Benefits Of Hyperion Zeolite Drops | Remove Heavy Metals | Detox Environmental Toxins

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Learn more here: Detox Drops is a soluble zeolite solution that offers safe, simple and systemic cellular detoxification support. Vitality Drops have the ability to passively cross the membranes in the body, both the cellular and the blood brain barrier, offering superior detoxification support. What can the Vitality Drops...

Key Differences Between Reishi Spore Powder and Reishi Extract

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While my Cracked Cell Reishi Spore Powder and Duanwood Reishi Extract both offer many potent health benefits, many wonder about the differences between the two products. The key difference to understand is that the Duanwood Reishi Extract is derived from the entire mushroom’s fruiting body, after the mushroom (which is grown...

Hyperion Herbs Reishi Spore Powder Vs Reishi Mushroom Extract

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In this video I just wanted to answer the most common questions that I've gotten lately. -What are the differences between the Spore Powder and the Mushroom extract?-Which one should I take?-Can I mix and combine the spore powder with other herbs?-How to take it? -How much to take? Hope you...

Rebuilding & Rebalancing The Nervous System After Stress, Depletion, or Substance Abuse

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  1. Zeolite drops Lions Mane extract 3. MagSRT4. Bed Before 115. Regular meals to keep blood sugar balanced 6. Regular movement and excerise to keep blood moving.7. Reducing electonics 8. CranioSacral, Counterstrain, or other manual therapies

What's The Difference Between Lions Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, & Chaga?

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This is a question that comes up a bit so I thought I'd explain the similarities and differences between the medicinal mushrooms of Lions Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, and Chaga. All of them are amazing herbs in their own right but in my mind they do each have their own unique...

Cognitive, Nervous System, and Immune Support | Hyperion Lions Mane Extract

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Learn more here: Lion’s Mane is a widely studied basidiomycota (or “higher”) mushroom known for its association with the neurological system. However, this ancient Chinese herb has built its reputation over centuries as both a medicinal and versatile edible mushroom. In its natural state, lion’s mane grows on oak or...

Simple Immune Boosting and Metal Detoxifying Formula I’ve Been Doing Lately

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Here's the formula I've been doing: 10 drops 2x a day of the Vitality Detox Drops 1 tsp 2x a day of Reishi mushroom extract 1 tsp 2x a day of Lions mane mushroom extract  2-4 packets per day of lipospheric vitamin C, but you can use any vitamin C product you...

The Harmful Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals | How To Detox Them

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Learn more here: this video I will share some important information about endocrine disrupting chemicals and some of the common ways people try to detox them. Also why I am not a fan of "bubble boy" or "doom and gloom" type approaches.Exogenous disruptors-xenoestrogrens-pesticides, herbicides-chlorine, fluoride-radiationThese things build up and...

Got My Old Channel Back Plus Tonic Herb Story From College

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After 10+ months of appealing, I was finally able to get YouTube to manually review my account and realize that my account was wrongfully terminated. :) Learn more about He Shou Wu and Reishi at