Simple Immune Boosting and Metal Detoxifying Formula I’ve Been Doing Lately

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Here's the formula I've been doing: 10 drops 2x a day of the Vitality Detox Drops 1 tsp 2x a day of Reishi mushroom extract 1 tsp 2x a day of Lions mane mushroom extract  2-4 packets per day of lipospheric vitamin C, but you can use any vitamin C product you...

The Harmful Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals | How To Detox Them

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Learn more here: this video I will share some important information about endocrine disrupting chemicals and some of the common ways people try to detox them. Also why I am not a fan of "bubble boy" or "doom and gloom" type approaches.Exogenous disruptors-xenoestrogrens-pesticides, herbicides-chlorine, fluoride-radiationThese things build up and...

Got My Old Channel Back Plus Tonic Herb Story From College

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After 10+ months of appealing, I was finally able to get YouTube to manually review my account and realize that my account was wrongfully terminated. :) Learn more about He Shou Wu and Reishi at

Simple Strategies For Hormone Health & Balance

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In this video I share some simple strategies to help support overall hormone balance and health.In this video you will learn: The importance of regulating rhythms of sleep, eating, and moving The downsides overdoing it 2 essential foods that most people aren't eating Importance of tonic herbs like He Shou...

Why We Need To Be Taking Immune Mushroom Extracts

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There’s an old saying which is an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  So far in my health journey these immune mushrooms have proven to be the best prevention I have found. Building a strong and intelligent immune system is one the most important things I think...

How To Build Long Term, Sustainable Energy

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    The herbs I mentioned are: Reishi Cordyceps Gynostemma

The Top Tonic Herbs For Men | Sexual Health | Athletic Enhancement

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In this video I share with you the top tonic herbs for men that are nourishing and supportive, instead of over stimulating and depleting. Well, except for the last herb, that I only recommend in dire cases. Also I share some basic guiding principles on how elevate your health and...

What's The Best Herb For More Energy and Endurance?

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To date, the medical recognition of cordyceps mushrooms spans fifteen hundred years already. It originated from the Shepherds in Tibetan mountains that discovered the use of the mushroom to cure problems with organ functions, immune system and on well-being and general strength of people. The positive effects were first noticed...

What is 300x More Potent Than Reishi | Reishi Spore Oil | Hyperion Herbs

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Filmed back in 2012, from my original channel - RIP :( :( Organic Reishi Spore oil is formulated to create a pure, high potency, and easy-to-digest vehicle for triterpenes, which is generally the lesser concentrated of the two main medicinal components of reishi mushroom in traditional preparations or extracts of...

Raw Cordyceps Walnut Brownies

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Cordyceps is one of the BEST herbs to consume during the fall and winter because of its amazing effect to balance the respiratory system, boost energy, and gently support the immune system. This recipe combines the mood enhancing effect of chocolate and Mucuna, along with the legendary herb Cordyceps, synergistically...