Hyperion’s Tea is high quality, clean and potent, and all our teas allow for multiple brews. The teas have health benefits of their own, but if you want an extra health boost you can even use them as a base for an elixir by adding a spoonful of some of our herbal extracts.

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Gynostemma Tea - 100 grams

Gentle on the system, yet profoundly balancing, Gynostemma Tea is a delicious tea you can drink daily. With 82-88 different saponins, it is a supreme tonic.

Pure Bud Wild Chrysanthemum - 2 oz

Kun Lun Wild High Mountain Honey Chrysanthemum is a rare and exotic specimen of delicate delicious honey like flavor, and significantly calming and detoxifying.

1980s Lotus Flavor Puerh Tea - 1 oz

1980s Lotus Flavor Puerh Tea - 1 oz | 28 grams What we have here is a superb example of a perfectly aged 1980s Sheng Puerh, made from the highest...

1980s Spring Tips Liu Bao - 1 oz

1980s Spring Tips Liu Bao - 1 oz | 28 grams Liu bao is a type of fermented and aged tea which actually inspired the process of “cooking” puerh tea...

2021 Lishan Oolong Tea - 1 oz

This Lishan Oolong is superb example of a high quality traditional oolong tea from the high mountan region of LiShan in Taiwain.

2021 Oriental Beauty Oolong - 1 oz

This Oriental Beauty Oolong is a lovely floral, honey, and orchid-flavored roasted oolong tea from Taiwan - traditionally known as dongfang meiren or baihao, among other Chinese names.

Old Bush Honey Orchid Oolong - 1 oz.

The taste of this exquisite Oolong matches the smell: dewey sweetness, roses, floral, bringing up images and memories of spring. Mild bitterness balances out the incredible floral sweetness.

2021 Silver Needle White Tea - 1 oz

Silver Needle is one of China's most iconic white teas. This fresh, fragrant, and delicious tea is one of the highest grade white teas available. Made from pure buds.

Old Bush Shui Xian Oolong Tea - 1 oz

This artisanal Wuyi oolong is made from tea bushes that are 80 -100 years old. Brews produce a rich amber color that is rich in both flavor and aroma.

Jin Jun Mei Tea - 1 oz

A renowned black tea sourced from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province, China. Discover the stunning, delicious honey and floral qualities that jin jun mei is famous for.
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