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Our New Releases offer something for everyone… boost testosterone with Pine Pollen, support your immune system with Reishi Spore Powder, and bolster your brain and nervous system with Lions Mane.

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Super Immunity

Winter is coming! Shield yourself from germs and pathogens with the immuno-modulating effects of our Mushroom Extracts and our Gynostemma. Supporting your immune system is just one of the many benefits that a truly potent adaptogen can offer you.

Mens Health & Testosterone

Take your hormonal health to new heights using top notch tonic herbs to support libido and testosterone. Herbs like Nettle Root can even help detox environmental estrogens.

High End Incense

If you have trouble relaxing, winding down before sleep, or are just someone who enjoys a high-quality aroma, then Hyperion’s Agarwood and Sandalwood Incense are for you. Our incense is 100% handmade with no filler or binders.

Cognitive Support

Are you a college student, knowledge worker, or just someone with an interest in nootropics? These herbs will boost your cognition and much more without many of the side effects found in processed nootropics.

Beauty Support

Hyperion’s Pearl Powder and He Shou Wu are renowned for bringing about glowing skin and hair.

Energy & Endurance

Conquer your day or take your workout to the next level using our favorite herbs for endurance and energy support. These adaptogens will offer you the boost you need without being overstimulating like many processed stimulants.

Top Shelf Tea

Hyperion’s Tea is high quality, clean and potent, and all our teas allow for multiple brews. The teas have health benefits of their own, but if you want an extra health boost you can even use them as a base for an elixir by adding a spoonful of some of our herbal extracts.


With bombardment from xeno-estrogens and plastics from our environment, we could all use a little bit of a detox. Zeolite drops will give you the potent, effective detox you need while still being gentle on the system and easy to use.