Wild Siberian Chaga Mushroom Dual Extract Chaga is sometimes called "The King of Medicinal Mushrooms" in reference to its incredible polysaccharide content. Our potent Chaga extract ranges from no less than 30%...
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Wild Siberian Chaga Mushroom Dual Extract

Chaga is sometimes called "The King of Medicinal Mushrooms" in reference to its incredible polysaccharide content. Our potent Chaga extract ranges from no less than 30% polysaccharide to 35% depending on the batch. Polysaccharides are intelligent long-chain sugar molecules, which not only give mushrooms their bitter taste, but also are famous for their many health benefits. 

Benefits of Chaga Extract may include:

      • Calming yet energizing effects
      • Potent and restorative Qi Tonic  
      • Naturally occurring betulin and betulinic acid
      • Naturally occurring vanillin, giving it a nice flavor with vanilla undertones

Calming, Sustainable Energy | Clarify Your Mind

Wild Siberian Chaga Extract can be described as calming and mellow, while energizing and clarifying to the mind. Chaga, amongst the medicinal mushrooms represents the perfect bridge between Reishi and Cordyceps as it is both calming like Reishi, while having an immediate energy boosting effect that is more typical of Cordyceps.

Chaga's taste can be described as rich and woody, with chocolate and vanilla like tones making it an ideal addition to coffee, milk drinks, or teas.  Added to a morning coffee, Chaga may extend the energetic life of the beverage, take the edge off the caffeine and smooth out the crash. With an array of phyto-nutrients, Chaga extract supplies the brain with efficient fuel while aiding the nervous system in reducing stress.

Chaga and Chinese Medicine | A Traditional Pespective

In Chinese medicine Chaga is classified as a qi tonic, which means it invigorates and replenishes the qi. It is a particularly useful ally in supplementing the "wei qi" or "surface defense qi," and in defending the immune system from external pathogenic influences such as environmental toxins and drastic weather fluctuations.

The wei qi regulates the body's ability to appropriately open and close the pores in order to close itself off from pathogens, while still being able to vent heat.  The difference between two individuals exposed to the same pathogenic influence and one becoming sick is the integrity of each individual's wei qi.

Qi can be depleted through excessive work, stress, or lack of sleep. Over a period of time this eventually leads to what the ancient Chinese refer to as "blood deficiency". By the time illness progresses to this stage the "jing" or "primordial essence energy" of the kidneys is drawn from and the individual begins to show signs of extreme depletion. This avoidable cascade of physical degeneration starts with the qi and can be prevented through consumption of powerful qi tonics such as Chaga and Reishi.

Because our Qi fluctuates so drastically depending on the demands of our weekly schedule, it can be helpful to supplement with an herb like Chaga, which is able to replenish this vital life substance on a daily or weekly basis. Over time, enjoying potent qi tonics acts as both an insurance policy on health and also ensures we are truly engaging in life, and not just surviving.

Unmatched Quality and Sourcing | Next Level Potency

Our Chaga is a potent, concentrated dual extract - not merely ground up raw mycelium. It has been 3rd party lab tested to contain no less than 30% polysaccharide content and 2% triterpenes to ensure maximum brain and nervous system benefits. Hyperion Herbs' Chaga is wild harvested from the forests of Syberia - ensuring the utmost quality and purity. 

Through our extraction process, the active constituents are extracted from our Organic Chaga, and then concentrated to produce far more potency, bio-availability, and efficacy in less space. 

We have had a relationship with our distributor for many years, and not only know exactly where our herbs grow, but ensure the purity and potency with 3rd party lab testing. We are involved in every step of the process and proud to take the extra effort to ensure the quality so you don’t have to. Our products are grown organically, extracted purely, and secured in their respective packaging without the use of any fillers.

The Endless Health Benefits of Chaga


What People Are Saying

"Working as a massage therapist, it is inevitable that I’m constantly exposed to various pathogenic influences, but when I take the chaga it’s like I’m invulnerable. On top of tasting absolutely delicious, this is a very potent extract that works." - Nicholas F.

"The combo of Chaga and the Reishi Spore Powder gives me ridiculous levels of energy and my memory seems much sharper as well. I have two packs of Chaga and will be repurchasing." - Mark M.

"Exceptional Chaga extract. It seems impossible to get sick while taking this and the taste is deep and complex. A must have for Fall and Winter!" - Casey M.

Studies on the Benefits of Chaga

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    Supplement Facts

    Concentration: 18:1

    Specifications: 90 Capsules 450 mg each


    Wild Siberian Chaga Mushroom Dual Extract with at least 30% polysaccharides and 2% triterpenes

    Other Ingredients: Vegetarian capsules

    Usage: Take 3 capsules (about 1.35 g), 2 times per day or as directed by a healthcare professional**

    Cost Per Seving: $0.90 per serving

    Recipe Ideas:

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Muffins

    Chaga Basil Coffee

    Blender Alchemy Recipe Book


     **Consult a doctor or professional health care practitioner if you are taking prescription drugs, have a medical condition, or are pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of children. The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.