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Schizandra Extract

Schizandra Extract

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Schizandra Extract
Schizandra is one of the quintessential adaptogens for boosting energy, endurance, focus, and concentration.


100% Pure potent Schizandra extract. THAT'S IT. Absolutely NO fillers, flow agents, binders, or growth mediums.

Nutritional info

Concentration: 12:1 - 9% Schizandrins
Container Size: 1oz. | 28 grams
Suggested Serving Size 1/16th of a teaspoon per 8 oz of hot water.
Serving Per Container: 165+ servings
Cost Per Seving: $0.21 per serving
Directions: Add 1/16th of a teaspoon per 8 oz of hot water.


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The Ultimate Adaptogen For Less than $0.21 Per Dose?

Schizandra is a treasured herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been used for centuries to increase vitality, vigor, and longevity. This extract is carefully standardized to 9% schizandrins to ensure maximum potency. 

Schizandra is packed with powerful antioxidant compounds with a wide range of potential benefits.

As an adaptogenic herb, schizandra works to gently balance the entire body and help you manage daily stresses.

It’s common to feel increased energy, mental sharpness and endurance from taking this herb, yet Schizandra is also commonly used in TCM herbal formulas for sleep due to it's grounding and consolidating effects.

Support Energy Levels and Physical Performance 

Schizandra has traditionally been used to combat fatigue and increase energy. It’s thought to enhance efficiency of ATP synthesis in mitochondria to give you a boost. Athletes have used schizandra to extend endurance during physical activity and training. By supporting your adrenals and reducing exhaustion, schizandra can help you power through each day.

Sharpen Mental Focus and Clarity

The lignans in schizandra promote increased blood flow and oxygenation to optimize brain function. Schizandra has been shown to improve concentration, memory, and learning capacity. It can also sharpen focus and clarity of thought. Many users report a noticeable mind-boosting effect that makes work and study more productive.

Protect Liver Function and Detoxification

Schizandra has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine to protect liver function. Studies show it activates antioxidants in liver tissues to mitigate damage from toxins and infections. Schizandra enhances the liver’s detoxification processes while guarding cell integrity. Its positive effects on liver health promote natural cleansing.

Combat Daily Stress and Anxiety 

As an adaptogen, schizandra is excellent for counteracting the effects of stress. It helps regulate key hormones involved in the stress response like cortisol to avoid exhaustion. Schizandra has demonstrated an anti-anxiety effect to calm restlessness, depression, and emotional stress. By nourishing your nervous system and adrenals, schizandra provides stress relief and resilience.

Promote Overall Longevity and Vitality 

In Chinese medicine, schizandra is known as the “Herb of Longevity” for good reason. It was taken by masters, monks and Taoists to promote long life and healthy aging. Schizandra supports a healthy inflammatory response and protects against oxidative damage - two factors influencing aging. With sustained use, schizandra builds your body’s vital reserves and supports youthful living.

High Quality and Potency You Can Trust 

I can almost guarantee this is the most aromatic, flavorful, and uniquely potent extract you will find.

Experience the power of Schizandra like never before.

With a whopping 9% Schisandrin, the dosage on this extract is extremely low.

1/16 of a teaspoon, is all that's needed to yield a potent Schizandra experience. Feel free to adjust the dosage as needed. Take more or less, depending on your personal preferences.

Superb Combination

This extract combines quite well with other potent adaptogenic herbs like Reishi, Gynostemma, and Cordyceps.

You can take Schizandra any time, day or night. It is commonly used in TCM herbal formulas for sleep since it has a grounding and sinking effect in the body which helps to support the rest, renewal, and regeneration process.