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Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract

Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract

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Turkey tail extract
This potent dual extract is made from fruiting bodies only and is rich in immune supporting beta glucans.


100% Pure potent turkey tail mushroom extract. THAT'S IT. Made from organically grown turkey tail mushroom fruiting bodies. Absolutely NO fillers, flow agents, binders, or growth mediums.

Supplement Facts

Concentration: 30% beta glucans
Container Size:4 oz. | 112 grams
Suggested Serving Size:1/4 teaspoon which is about 1 gram.
Serving Per Container:110 servings
Cost Per Seving:$0.45 per serving
Directions: Add 1/4 teaspoon (or as directed by your health professional) to the beverage or food of choice.


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Turkey Tail Mushroom Dual Extract

Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract: Fortify Your Immune Defenses
For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has treasured the health-promoting properties of turkey tail mushrooms. Revered as an elite "Superior" herb known as Yun Zhi or Hu Zhi, turkey tail was prescribed as a tonic for enhancing overall vitality and resilience. Now, modern scientific research has illuminated the molecular mechanisms behind this fungal ally's immune-boosting abilities.

The Immune Powers of Polysaccharides & Beta-Glucans
At the heart of turkey tail's therapeutic virtues lies its unique arsenal of polysaccharide compounds. These long chains of carbohydrate molecules include potent alpha and beta-glucans - special types of polysaccharides that powerfully stimulate the immune system.

The primary immune-regulating polysaccharides in turkey tail are PSP (polysaccharopeptide) and PSK (polysaccharide-K). These complexes, which link polysaccharides to protein fragments, act as a multi-targeted immunomodulator.

When consumed as a supplement, turkey tail's polysaccharides and beta-glucans interact with immune cells like macrophages, natural killer (NK) cells, T-cells, and B-cells. This primes the body's defenses by increasing antibody production, activating antigen presentation, and boosting secretion of protective cytokines and immunoglobulins.

At the same time, turkey tail is a rich source of antioxidants like phenolic compounds and flavonoids that help neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress.

Antiviral Artillery to Combat Illness
Thanks to its immune-potentiating effects, turkey tail mushroom extract exhibits promising antiviral capabilities. Research shows turkey tail polysaccharides like PSP can directly inhibit replication of influenza viruses, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and herpes simplex viruses.

In addition to impairing viral entry and spread, turkey tail strengthens immune responses during viral infections. Studies demonstrate it enhances NK cell activity, antibody production, and antiviral cytokine levels. This coordinated immune activation helps control viral load and reduce symptom duration.

Human trials confirm turkey tail's antiviral prowess. Supplementing with turkey tail reduced cold and flu symptoms while shortening the duration of illness in multiple studies. Turkey tail's potent blend of immune support and antiviral actions make it an ideal cold and flu season ally.

The Beta-Glucan Immune Response
A significant component of turkey tail's immunomodulatory polysaccharides are its high concentrations of beta-glucans. These fiber-like molecules have the unique ability to prime immune cells by binding to their receptor sites.

When beta-glucans from turkey tail interact with immune cell receptors, they trigger signaling cascades that activate the innate and adaptive immune response. This includes enhanced phagocytosis, antimicrobial activity, and antigen processing and presentation.

Beta-glucans from turkey tail and other medicinal mushrooms have demonstrated benefits for infections, allergies, autoimmunity, and even cancer in research settings. Their immune-orchestrating capabilities represent a promising frontier in biological response modification.

Fortify Your Natural Defenses with Turkey Tail
Upgrade your immune resilience with the ancient wisdom and modern validation of turkey tail mushroom. Hyperion Herbs premium Turkey Tail Extract harnesses the full spectrum of this functional fungus's therapeutic compounds.

Our dual extract is standardized to contain 30% beta glucans, including potent PSP, PSK, beta-glucans, and more. With antioxidant phenolics and prebiotic fiber, this powerful supplement offers multi-pathway immune support you can depend on.

Stay resilient against seasonal illness and fortify health from within. Leverage nature's immune amping power with turkey tail mushroom extract.