Brand New Teas Are In!

Have you checked out our tea selection lately? Hyperion has a few new high end teas available. These teas offer a rare opportunity to experience small batch, traditionally-cultivated teas from family-owned plantations grown with techniques and wisdom that have been passed down over the generations.


My love and passion for tasting and learning about the art of tea has led me to source from small family tea makers, enabling me to offer traditionally cultivated teas which still carry their own old world antiquity in a modern age.


This new selection of rare, small batch teas provides the opportunity to experience authentic tea and the culture and traditions surrounding it.


These newly available teas represent a bold step into celebrating the mastery of artistry which has been passed on from generation to generation, an appreciation for cultural wisdom, and a much-needed rebellion against the current market trend of cutting corners to supply mediocre and mass produced health products.


If you would like to learn more details about each individual tea, click the link below.


2012 Gushu Sheng Pu-erh

Gushu Pu-erhThis delicious pu-erh is sourced from verified 300 year old trees and is picked within the first season, removing the bitterness and astringency common in Pu-erh. The Pu-erh is sourced from a pristine area of Yunnan province in China famous for Pu-erh cultivation. It’s taste can be described as a delicious floral flavor that is both sweet and a little bit sour with notes of nectar and honey.



2013  Bulang Shou Pu-erh

Bulang Shou Pu-erhThe Bulang Shou Pu-erh is an extremely smooth and easy to drink daily shou pu-erh. The flavor is well rounded, smooth, and earthy. Shou pu-erhs from this region carry exquisite “vanilla-chocolate-cake” notes and natural hints of sweetness that carry through each brew.




Cha Gao Instant Pu-erh Tea

Cha GaoThis Gao is made from ripened pu-erh tea harvested from the Jing Mai region in Yunnan, China in 2012. Gao is basically an "instant pu-erh" concentrate similar to boullion. In other words, it is roughly a 10:1 pu-erh concentrate, meaning about 10 pounds of ripe pu-erh tea was concentrated down into 1 pound of gao.

To brew, simply put one cube in a cha hai, cup, or thermos and pour hot over it.  Shake or agitate the gao and it will start to infuse.  Very nice chocolatey, sweet and ripe pu-erh taste. This is a great way to have pu-erh tea on the go or perhaps get into pu-erh without having to worry about brewing skill, teaware, etc.


Wu Ye Phoenix Oolong

Wu Ye Phoenix OolongWhat really stands out about this tea is how it seems to have all five flavors. It has a salty-brothy quality which underlies its dazzling sweetness and floral notes. The Qi is really smooth and balanced with no harsh edges or jitteriness. This is a perfect anytime tea, great for beginners and tea-heads alike. It’s inviting, warm, soothing, and accessible.


This tea has a lingering and floral personality which coats the back of the throat and sinuses, so you end up tasting the tea for quite some time after drinking it. All of these are classical signs and indicators of premium quality oolong.


Shi Gu Ping Phoenix Oolong

Shi Gu Ping PhoenixThis is a  fairly rare and unique variety of dan cong Oolong tea. I was really blown away by the depth of flavor, even Qi, and brewing power of this tea.

This tea grows at a fairly high elevation and that comes across in the mineral rich, almost dew like sweetness that is unique to this tea. It also has a lingering and floral personality which coats the back of the throats and sinuses so you end up tasting the tea for quite some time after drinking it. As mentioned above these are classical signs and indicators of premium quality oolong.


Tie Luo Han Oolong

Tie Luo Han OolongThe medium-sized leaves of this Tie Luo Han Wuyi Rock Oolong are a sight to see! A beautiful mix of dark brown, green, and purple, these leaves brew up a vibrant amber-brown liquor.

This tea smells of crisply roasted fruit. Imagine walking through an raspberry orchard at night, bathed in the aroma of a distant campfire. Upon brewing, the aroma of this tea immediately fills the room. Its intoxicating. The taste is a perfect blend of smoky, sweet, and spicy broth. No bitterness or astringency. The taste lingers and fills the entire mouth.


Lao Cang Shui Xian Oolong

Lao Cang Shui Xian OolongThe leaves of this Lao Cang Shui Xian Wuyi Rock Oolong are wonderfully large! The roast left a beautiful blend of dark brown and orangish leaves. After a few steeps, the leaves open up and display a radiant hue. Kind of hypnotic.

I don’t know how this is possible, but this tea smells exactly like a blend of cacao nibs, carob, and smoldering blueberries. The aroma boasts a deep, comforting sweetness. The flavor is mellow, sweet, and smooth, very well matching the aroma. I pick up no less of the chocolate, and more of the berry. This tea reminds me of nighttime, during that time between summer and autumn.


Milan Xiang Oolong

Milan Xiang OolongThis Milan Xian Wuyi Rock Oolong is made up of smaller-sized leaves. There seems to be a lighter roast on these leaves. Upon brewing, they form a deep green color.

After you rinse this tea, PLEASE take a whiff of it. You’ll be hit with such an amazing bouquet of roses… It’s almost hard to believe. The smell is so floral, and roses dominate the aroma. There’s some mild citrus in the background, but almost no roast smell is detectable. Whoever made this tea did a masterful job. You’ll think you’re in a flower shop.

The taste matches the smell: dewey sweetness, roses, floral, bringing up images and memories of spring. There is some mild bitterness, but this helps to balance out the incredible floral sweetness. After 5-6 steeps, the floral components soften, and a very balanced and pleasant broth develops. This tea tastes deeply nourishing.


Just started drinking tea? Not sure how to brew these teas correctly? Check out the blog post, How to Brew Tea, complete with an instructional video.


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