2012 Gushu Sheng Pu-erh – 1 oz.

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This 2012 Gushu Sheng Pu-erh is a very high quality, long brewing tea at an incredible value. This is a raw pu-erh, and the buds and single leaf cakes are made from the first picking of the season. Without any of the astringency or bitterness that typically accompany raw pu-erh tea, the Gushu Sheng has a delicious floral flavor that is both sweet and a little bit sour with notes of nectar and honey. This pu-erh comes from verified 300 year old trees that grow in a remote, pristine area of Yunnan province in China, home to pu-erh tea.

This 2012 Gushu Raw Puerh is truly a pleasure to drink. The tea’s aroma is quite sweet — smelling of dew, fresh hay, and charred berries. The flavor is definitely on the sweeter side — especially for a sheng puerh (it’s actually quite surprising!). The amazing tastes sealed within these leafs shine through after a few steepings: a nice balance of bright sweetness, a small suggestion of awakening bitterness, and smoky astringency. 

For years, I was skeptical about raw puerh. They all seemed hard to brew, easy to mess up, didn’t taste that good, and left me with a pretty gnarly feeling. None of that here. This sheng is very forgiving, tolerating water temperatures from 190 degrees to a full boil very well. If you’ve had trouble getting into sheng puerh, this would be a perfect starting point.

This gushu sheng has a really clean feeling vibe, with bright and clear energy. No head rush, just a pleasant, vibrant whole-body feeling. It’s uplifting, energizing, and reminds me of the feeling you get on a sunny day. Our supply is very limited, so make sure you stock up today!


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