Hyperion Herbs Duanwood reishi extract

Beat Stress, Fatigue, and Brain Fog while building Super Immunity with Hyperion Herbs potent extracts.

Used for over a thousand years in TCM, scientifcally validated in modern times. Used by over 30,000 happy clients all over the world. Try Hyperion Herbs now.

Brandon Gilbert, Hyperion Herbs

A Note From The Founder

Why Did I Create Hyperion Herbs?

Greetings, I'm Brandon, the mastermind behind Hyperion Herbs.

My tale begins as many of yours might, with a personal quest for health, a journey paved with bitter pills and sweet discoveries. As I traversed this landscape, my disillusionment with Western medicine bloomed like a thorny rose, its harsh edges nudging me towards the mystical allure of Chinese herbs.

You'd think that'd be the end of the story, a victory wrapped in a silken robe of Oriental wisdom. Alas, no. As it turns out, the world of herbal supplements is a labyrinth, It's rife with brands that peddle mediocrity disguised as excellence, choosing to use raw herbs or mycelium instead of power-packed extracts, a grand strategy to fatten their profit margins.

Here's the catch: they can get away with calling these products 'herbal supplements'. Sure, technically, they are – but in terms of bioavailability and measurable benefits, they’re about as useful as a chocolate teapot. These shenanigans led me down a path of wasted time and squandered wealth, as I sought elusive potency in a market saturated with facades.

And so, I decided to step up. I began to hunt down authentic, potent, and high-grade extracts for my own consumption. The results?

A night-and-day difference in product quality and its positive impact on my health. And here's the thing – I realized this shouldn’t be like seeking a needle in a haystack. Everyone deserves easy access to top-notch herbal supplements that genuinely deliver on their promises.

And that, my friends, was the birth of Hyperion Herbs. I didn’t just want to create another brand.

No, I wanted to provide dual extracted herbs that lead the market in bioavailability and potency, with a strength that puts our competition to shame (I’m talking up to 20 times stronger, if you can believe it). Every batch we produce undergoes third-party testing, guaranteeing you receive the crucial compounds that make these herbs truly miraculous.

Choosing Hyperion isn't merely choosing a product; it's trusting in my decade and a half of dedication to the herbal industry, offering you the cream of the crop that I've personally vetted, handpicked, and sourced.

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