1980s Spring Tips Liu Bao - 1 oz | 28 grams
1980s Spring Tips Liu Bao - 1 oz | 28 grams

1980s Spring Tips Liu Bao - 1 oz | 28 grams

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Liu bao is a type of fermented and aged which was actually the inspiration for the creation of the process of “cooking” puerh tea to create what we now know was Shou puerh. As a result, most people associate these with flavors of earth, dirt, fermentation, fishiness and other unappealing flavors. Unfortunately, the market is saturated with low quality, poor fermented, and likely toxic examples of these kinds of cooked teas.

What we have here is a pristine example of what Liu bao can and should be. 

A perfectly aged and stored Liu bao from the 1980s made from pure spring buds.

This tea has the classical pine flavor associated with high-quality Liu bao plus a rich “Red date” kind of sweetness, and really enjoyable smoothness that is thirst-quenching while causing salivation. 

Liu bao is a tea that is prized for its ability to assist in digestion and to improve circulation, as such it can actually be tea as medicine. I find this tea is great to drink with meals to help with digestion and is also great post-meal, or anytime you might feel heavy or off. It’s also perfect as a great daily drinker, really any time of day or night due to it’s mellow Qi and pristine aging.

So grab a bag or two now so you can experience one of the most delicious Liu bao teas that I have ever come across.
1980s Spring Tips Liu Bao - 1 oz | 28 grams

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